Bizzare Koi Pond Cafe In Thailand Has Guests Sitting In A Fish Tank While Dining

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bizzare Koi Pond Cafe In Thailand Has Guests Sitting In A Fish Tank While Dining

If you thought Michael Scott falling in a Koi Pond in The Office was a funny scenario, you’ve got to see this! Thailand has a bizarre Koi Pond Cafe where guests sit in a fish tank while dining. Unlike Thailand’s Riverside Restaurant that was built due to the circumstances, this restaurant wants you to experience a dinner in the waters. Read on to know more.

Thailand Has A Koi Pond Cafe With Fish Swimming Under Your Feet While You Dine

To lure guests to opt for dine-in post-Covid-era restaurants around the world are coming up with unique themes. Forget ‘think out of the box’, a Thailand cafe instead thought ‘under the sea’! In a video shared by Reddit user, u/StcStasi a short clip shows a Koi Pond Cafe where chairs and tables are set u in a small room. The floor is filled with water with medium-sized colourful fishes swimming around. The banner on the restaurant wall reads, ‘Sweet Fishs café’. Guests would have to sit in ankle-deep water with fish nibbling on their toes while dining.

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Netizens Aren’t Impressed With This Concept

The bizarre cafe concept video garnered over 16,000 upvotes and 1000 comments since it was posted. Netizens commented that the restaurant would have an awful smell thanks to the stale water and the fish. Another one replied that the restaurant looks empty for a reason. One person reflected on a similar restaurant in China where the pond looked clean yet smelled awful. That restaurant was eventually closed down as people complained about the hygiene and weren’t impressed with the concept. Well foodies, would you want to dine in a Koi Pond Cafe?  Until you ponder over this, here are 9 of the weirdest restaurants in the world.