Boat With 400 Migrants Is Adrift Between Malta And Libya, Merchant Ship Ordered To Supply Fuel

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Boat With 400 Migrants Is Adrift Between Malta And Libya, Merchant Ship Ordered To Supply Fuel

A boat with around 440 migrants is adrift between Malta and Libya. This information follows a dramatic increase in the number of migrant boats leaving North Africa and crossing the Mediterranean Sea. The ship floating between Greece and Malta is at extremely high risk. The news was broken by the support service Alarm Phone on Twitter after they received a call from the boat. 

Boat With Migrants Adrift Between Malta And Libya

The support service Alarm Phone received a call from the boat with 440 migrants adrift between Greece and Malta. The boat left from the city of Tobruk in Libya overnight, and they informed the authorities. No rescue operations were launched for them. 

The support service informed me that the boat was in the Maltese Search and Rescue area (SAR).

The people on board were reportedly panicked, and many of them needed medical help. In addition, the captain had left, and no one was left to guide the boat, which was out of gasoline and had a full bottom deck.

credits: Pixabay

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Searches For Boats In The Mediterranean Sea

On Sunday, the German NGO Sea-Watch International posted on Twitter that it was searching for vessels in trouble in the Mediterranean Sea, including the one alerted by Alarm Phone.

Two merchant ships were spotted around the ship. None of them was given the rescue operations order. One of them was ordered to supply fuel to the boat. 

Germany’s Resqship, another NGO, informed that in a separate shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea, 23 immigrants had died on the previous night. Their tweet mentioned that during the rescue operation, they found 25 people in the water. In the operation, they were successful in saving 22 people, while two dead bodies were retrieved. 20 people had already lost their lives. 

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