Break Things And Take Your Frustration Out At This Cafe In Indore

by Aditi Singh
Break Things And Take Your Frustration Out At This Cafe In Indore

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Bhadaas, in Chandra Nagar Indore is an anger management cafe. Here you can get aggressive and break things to take out all your bhadaas!

What Is It?

Home has always been out of bounds to destroy things. And the first thing we want to do when anger overtakes us is break what you see! Now breaking those crystals at home hurts . But how about smashing the life out of things where they are meant to be demolished. Bhadaas Cafe – India’s first anger management cafe that lets you release your anger in a room where no one can see or hear you.  You can break things, yell and break more. A bizzare concept but we find it hard to resist.

We know the pressure in our lives builds  up every now and then . All that frustration builds up and we want to destroy things. Better than destroying expensive television or sound system right? Ouch it is painful to even imagine. Now we know meditation and yoga gets you peace and that is the way to go about anger issues. But sometimes you cannot wait ! You have to vent out now! So we are saying that when impulse takes over and you need instant release head to bhadaas and take it all out!

What Else?

The best part about this cafe is that you can yell at the top of your voice without worrying about being heard.The cafe has  rooms with all sorts of things to break – glasses, tables, bottles . This gets even better guys– computers and televisions are also in the list and you can break them after paying a nominal fee! There is more to this. There is a vacuum room specifically where you can scream your lungs out. This place is good for quick bites like sandwiches and shakes.

The cafe is divided into two sections. The upper section is where all the destruction happens-  basically where you can break things and shout! The lower section is where food is available. Now we call that a perfect balance!


Address: 27-A , Chandra Nagar, Barfanidham Road, MR-9, Main Road, Vijay Nagar, Indore
Cost:  ₹300 for two people (approx.)
Contact: +91 9755020247