Britannia To Launch New Cakes And Biscuits With Regional Flavours

by Sanmita A
Britannia To Launch New Cakes And Biscuits With Regional Flavours

The popular and one of the oldest bakery brands – Britannia- is set to introduce new cakes and biscuits with regional flavours. It aims to localise its products according to the preferences of ‘many Indias’ and do it at affordable pricing. Moving its shift from the urban markets, it will further expand into the rural markets with its new pricing and premium strategies.

Innovative Biscuit Flavours To Win People’s Hearts From Across India

Localising products never fail. When consumers can connect with a product personally, their trust builds, thus building on sales. With this new concept, Britannia plans to cater to the needs region-wise. It has also launched products like Milk Bikis Atta, Britannia 50-50 Golmaal for the eastern markets, and Marie Gold Jeera in Tamil Nadu to explore India’s local flavours. With its new set of plans and strategies, Britannia is also planning to tap the potential of consumers from all income levels. As a result, it will further enhance its stand as a strong player in the market.

Britannia will also dive into the cake business, and strengthen itself in the cake market with affordable pricing.


Britannia To Introduce A New Brand

The company also plans to further enhance its business in dairy business by launching the ‘Come Alive’ brand. This brand will have products like curd, greek yoghurt, paneer and smoothies. Britannia also aims to become a sustainable business brand, and its dairy business will add to that. However, despite the plans, there are additional challenges as well that come with the dairy business. Britannia says, ‘The challenges continue to come from our dependencies in milk procurement and manufacturing through co-packers.’

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Britannia To Extend Partnerships With Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) And Restaurants

After seeing significant growth in its cheese and Winkin’ Cow distribution, Britannia is ‘evaluating partnerships with QSRs and restaurants in the coming years.’ According to the report, Winkin’ Cow had earned a revenue of up to ₹100 crores. In addition, they will improvise their business further through franchises.

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