62-Year-Old Woman From Gujarat Opens Dairy At Home & Sells Milk Worth ₹1 Crore A Year

by Sanjana Shenoy
62-Year-Old Woman From Gujarat Opens Dairy At Home & Sells Milk Worth ₹1 Crore A Year

Women are unstoppable. There have been so many beautiful stories where women irrespective of their age have achieved the unthinkable. From a 94-year-old grandmother from Chandigarh launching her besan barfi startup to a 73-year-old solo woman traveller, there’s always room in our hearts for inspiring stories. So, here’s another one. A 62-year-old woman from Gujarat has defied all odds to start a mini-revolution in her district. Navalben Dalsangbhai Chaudhary opened a dairy at home and now sells milk worth ₹1 crore a year. Here’s here white revolution in her district.

Woman From Gujarat Earned ₹1 Crore In 2020 Through Her Dairy Farm

Navalben hailing from Nagana village in Banaskantha district, Gujarat created a record by selling milk worth ₹1 crore in 2020. She earned a profit of ₹3.5 lakhs per month. In 2019 she sold ₹87.95 lakhs worth of milk. This 62-year-old determined woman started a milk business at her home in 2019. Her own dairy now has over 80 buffaloes and 45 cows. In an interview with Times Now she stated “I have four sons who are studying and working in cities. In 2019, I sold milk worth 87.95 lakh rupees and was the first in the Banaskantha district in this case. I am also number one by selling milk worth 1 crore rupees 10 lakh in 2020.”

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Navalben Has Won Numerous Awards For Her Success In Dairy Farming & Empowering Women

Reportedly her four sons earn much less than her. The enterprising entrepreneur has employed 15 people who work at the dairy for her. And while she has received alot of financial success her contribution in empowering the women in her district has always been widely recognised. Navalben has been awarded two Lakshmi Awards and three Best Pashupalak Awards for her success in the field of dairy farming. The ’10 Millionaire Rural Women Entrepreneurs’ published by Amul Dairy Chief Executive Officer RS Sodhi also features her. It’s indeed a matter of pride to witness such strong, empowering women in our country. Here’s another inspiring tale of a Pune woman who earns ₹1.5 lakhs by selling salads from home.