Bus Stops, Fare, Routes & More; Here’s All About The Dubai RTA’s S’hail App

by Deeplata Garde
Bus Stops, Fare, Routes & More; Here’s All About The Dubai RTA’s S’hail App

We might be impressed with the luxury taxis and cars roaming around the glam city of Dubai. But If you are living in or visiting Dubai, you know how expensive it can get with those options. Hence we switch to public transport that is very cost efficient and speedy as well. Dubai has a well-developed and efficient public transport system that includes buses, metro, tram, taxis, marine and even cycling. But how do you plan your journey, find the best routes, compare fares and book your ride? That’s where the S’hail app comes in handy.

What Is The S’hail App?

S’hail is a smart app developed by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai. It is your personal travel companion that makes travelling quick, simple and hassle-free. You can also book a taxi or a limousine through the app, or use third-party services such as Uber and Careem.The S’hail app has many features that make it a one-stop mobility solution for all your travel needs in Dubai. Some of the features are:

1. Journey planner: You can enter your origin and destination and the app will show you the fastest, cheapest or preferred route options using different modes of transport.

2. nol card: You can top up your nol card using the app, check your balance and history, and view your rewards. nol card is a smart card that you can use to pay for public transport services in Dubai.

3. Taxi booking: You can book a taxi or a limousine through the app, choose your preferred vehicle type and payment method, and track your driver’s location.

4. Third-party services: You can access third-party services such as Uber and Careem through the app, compare their fares and availability, and book your ride with them.

5. Events: You can discover upcoming events in Dubai and plan your journey to them using the app. The app has partnered with Dubai Calendar to make your journey to Dubai events faster and smoother.

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How To Download?

The S’hail app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for “S’hail” or scanning the QR code below12.

Using the S’hail app is easy and intuitive. You can use the app as a guest user, but we recommend that you log in or create an RTA account to benefit from all of the cool features.

Here Are The Bus Routes That Is Mentioned In The App

  1. F10- Extension to Dubai Safari Park
  2. F20- Extension to Safa Metro Station Seaside via Al Wasl Road
  3. F30- Extension to Dubai Studio City
  4. F32- Extension to Mudon
  5. F50- Extension in Dubai Investment Park to serve Gulf News DIP
  6. F53- Extension to Dubai Industrial City
  7. F55- Route diverted to end at EXPO Metro Station

S’hail app is a one-stop mobility solution that makes travelling quick, simple and hassle-free. It shows you the best public transport routes to take using different modes of transportation available in Dubai. Download it now!

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