Butter Chicken Ice Cream Promises Worst Of Both Worlds

by Sanmita A
Butter Chicken Ice Cream Promises Worst Of Both Worlds

The Internet is filled with weird combinations of foods. And, we come across tons of videos on Indian streets serving people with dishes which one can’t really imagine of. Some do make a lot of sense and make us curious. But, there are also a few that are a big NO-NO. Recently, we came across this food combo, that none could have imagined. Chicken and Ice cream, yes, this is the bizarre food trend at the moment. And, looks like everybody is disgusted with it.

Butter Chicken & Ice Cream Come Together

Butter Chicken is a favourite for many, but looks like someone has decided to upgrade it. On the contrary, we don’t think this ice cream has added any value. The video which is currently going viral on the Internet has a chef serving this dessert and even, adding mint chutney in the end as the topping. TBH, we are totally taken aback by the audacity of mixing such different food types. Meanwhile, you can watch the very aesthetic video of the butter chicken ice cream here.

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Netizens Quite Not Impressed With The Food Combo

Chicken and ice cream are the favourites of half the population of India. We mean, you can say so. As per the comments, Netizens were clearly not happy with mixing butter chicken flavoured ice cream. While some found it super amazing, a few found the bizarre combo very disgusting. A few of the Netizens even questioned why would someone mix two of these dishes. A few of the users even found the ice cream to be yummy! Well, only the ones who have tried the dish can tell.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Foodvoodindia | Aman & Chhavi