Calling All Pasta Geeks! This Museum In Rome Is A Heaven For Pasta Lovers

by Tooba Shaikh
Calling All Pasta Geeks! This Museum In Rome Is A Heaven For Pasta Lovers

Pasta is arguably one of the tastiest dishes to eat. And if made in the right way, it can also be one of the healthiest dishes to eat. If you’re a pasta enthusiast and love all things related to it, we know a place that will be at the top of your bucket list from now on. There is a museum in Rome that is dedicated solely to pasta and its glorious and delicious history!

Things To Do In The National Museum Of Pasta In Rome

museum in Rome
Credits: Fondazione Vincenzo Agnesi/Website

Pasta enthusiasts of all kinds can visit this unique place. The museum has everything, from ancient tools used to make pasta, to the modern processes of drying pasta and preserving it for a long time.

There are a total of 11 rooms in the museums. Here is a complete list of of all of them and the purpose that they serve: –

  • Nutrition Room: This room contains all the information regarding the nutritional value of pasta.
  • Grain Room: This room contains information on the production of pasta and contains a grinding wheel as well.
  • Sala Paolo Emilio Taviani: This room exhibits a piece of machinery that is used for the continuous production of pasta.
  • Sala Ligure: This room exhibits different models of pasta production machines.
  • Sala Cordeglio Penel: This room exhibits the tools used for the production of handmade pasta.
  • Sala Valeriani: This room is filled with photographs of famous people eating different kinds of pasta.
  • Sala Santi Correnti: This room exhibits the historical evidence for the existence of pasta dating all the way back to the 12th century.
  • Sala Travaglini: This room showcases artisanal presses along with their dies.
  • Sala Montuschi: This room has information and exhibits about the still-functioning paleo-industrial pasta factory.
  • Industrial Archeology Room: This entire room is dedicated to the paleo-industrial phase of pasta-making.
  • Rubino Scaglione Room: This room features works by numerous artists, including but not limited to Rubino Scaglione.

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History Of This Museum In Rome

museum in Rome
Credits: Fondazione Vincenzo Agnesi/Website

The museum was established in 1958 by Vincenzo Agnesi. The Agnesi family has been one of the oldest pasta makers of the country and have been making pasta since the early 1800s. The initial location of the museum was Pontedassi; however, in 1991, it was relocated.

The new location of this unique place was a stone’s throw away from one of Italy’s most beautiful symbols. The museum was relocated to the Piazza Scanderberg which is very close to the breathtaking Trevi fountain. The museum currently stands at Piazza Scanderberg 117.

The museum’s motto is “Life is a combination of Pasta and magic.” This culturally iconic saying was uttered by an equally iconic and reputed director, Federico Fellini. The walls of the museums inform the visitors of what to expect. They say that visitors will find the entire history of pasta from how it’s been made in the ancient times, its processes, to what procedures are used to make this globally loved delicacy.

The museum is currently run by the Agnesi foundation. Click here to know more about the place.

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When are you heading down to check out this one-of-a-kind experience? Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: Fondazione Vincenzo Agnesi/Website