Can G&T Light Up As A Bulb? London Artist Shows How A Popular Gin Brand With Tonic Lit Up Without Any Electricity

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by Mallika Khurana
Can G&T Light Up As A Bulb? London Artist Shows How A Popular Gin Brand With Tonic Lit Up Without Any Electricity

Introducing the enchanting centrepiece of the “Bombay Sapphire Blue Room” exhibition at London’s prestigious Geffrye Museum: the mesmerising “Sapphire and Tonic” light designed by the visionary artist and designer, Paul Cocksedge. Picture this: a translucent glass bulb, suspended effortlessly in space. Its surface is a pristine canvas for the interplay of light and liquid. Yet, what truly sets this luminary masterpiece apart is a secret ingredient.

The Mesmerising ‘Sapphire And Tonic’ Light By Paul Cocksedge


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The room is filled with such a radiant glow that it is impossible not to wonder where such brilliant light comes from. The secret to the solution is found in the surprising union of science and art. The extraordinary transformation inside this seemingly ordinary glass cube is powered by quinine’s magical properties.

Quinine, a bitter substance found in cinchona tree bark, has long piqued the interest of both scientists and artists. This substance, present in the tonic water, shows off its hidden powers and illuminates the world.

But how does this modest substance turn an ordinary libation into a bright show? The answer lies in the delicate dance between light and molecules. When exposed to ultraviolet light, quinine molecules absorb energy and re-emit it as visible light—a phenomenon known as fluorescence. 

As for the “Sapphire and Tonic” light, the brilliant colours of Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic water provide the ideal background for this eye-catching show.

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The Fascinating Fusion Of Science And Design

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Paul Cocksedge’s masterful design elevates this natural phenomenon into a breathtaking sensory experience. Within the confines of the Geffrye Museum, patrons also find themselves enraptured by the interplay of light and liquid.

Crafted from the finest materials—glass and metal melded with precision and finesse, the “Sapphire and Tonic” light stands as a testament to the marriage of tradition and innovation. Commissioned by Bombay Sapphire to adorn the hallowed halls of the Geffrye Museum, this luminous masterpiece transcends the boundaries of conventional design, offering a glimpse into a world where artistry and imagination converge in a symphony of light and liquid. 

It is certainly a beacon of creativity, casting its bright glow upon all who dare to dream!

Cover Image Courtesy: Paul Cocksedge/Instagram