Can You Fart Loud Enough To Win This Competition In Surat?

by Kanika Sharma
Can You Fart Loud Enough To Win This Competition In Surat?

For the first time ever, Surat will be organising India’s first fart competition. So, if you think you have the will and the skill, then there is nothing that should hold you back from blowing your own trumpet (no pun intended).

The Quest

Fart Competition

The competition is being organised by two residents from Surat, who are on the lookout for finding ‘India’s best fartist!Yatin Sangoi and Mul Sanghvi were reported as saying that the idea of popped in their heads when the family was watching a film together. When one of them farted loudly, and suggested that he could be a clear winner if there ever was a competition, a new idea conspired and along with some friends, they decided to host an event.

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The Categories

The competitors will be judged based on three categories of farts – longest, loudest and musical. Each participant will have about 60 seconds to prove themselves and one winner will be selected in each of these categories. 

The fart competition will be judged by a stand-up comedian and a local doctor too.

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The Reward

Winners of the fart competition will get trophies and if they are able to get a sponsor by the time it is organised, they will get a cash prize of Rs 5000 – Rs 15000. The registration fee for the event is Rs 100, and so far 50 people have registered for it. It is expected to be held on September 22, 10.30AM onwards

There is one cause of concern though, will the audience turn up to cheer the participants?