Could This Be The World’s Weirdest Hotel?

by Natasha Monteiro
Could This Be The World’s Weirdest Hotel?

Under 140 Characters:

The world’s weirdest hotel has a coffin suite, a prison cell and an upside down room! Would you risk a night at the Propeller Island City Lodge?

upside down room
Sleep upside down, will you?

What Is It?

The Propeller Island City Lodge is a not so beautiful but an unforgettable hotel in Berlin, Germany. If you’re afraid of the dark – don’t go there. If you’d like a good night’s sleep – definitely avoid this place. However, if you are looking for an adventure, you can try out one of the 31 outrageous rooms in the lodge.

three people room
Who needs an extra bed when you can sleep in this three-tiered system?
flying room
A floating bed? That’s something everyone should try.


The rooms include a kaleidoscope enclosure, an all-white room, a room where you sleep on air and an upside-down room. You’d be sleeping on the floor-boards with your bed hanging from the ceiling. Good luck finding a place to store your bags!

There is a circular room where the bed keeps rotating and a furniture room, where the bathroom is hidden in a wardrobe.

white room
An all white room with adjustable coloured lights
kaleidoscope room
The kaleidoscope room to make you dizzy with happiness
The Coffin Room
The Coffin Room – The hotel’s personal fav!
round room
Who needs a car when you can take your room out for a spin!
The room soaked in blue
For ol’ times sake

Who Is It For?

The Propeller Island City Lodge is not for the weak-hearted. It is for those looking for an adventure, those tired of the same ol’ hotel rooms and for the quirky souls. All the rooms and objects were created by the German artist Lars Stroschen.

The rooms vary depending on how adventourous you are. They are classified from tame to extreme. The hotel also doubles up as an art installation. So you’d basically be living in a museum of sorts.

The Lodge is currently closed for repairs but is expected to reopen shortly.


Propeller Island City Lodge website –


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