Can’t Get Enough Of Haunted Places? Mexico’s Eerie Haunted Island Of Dolls Gives Real-Life Chills

by Ankita Mazumdar
Can’t Get Enough Of Haunted Places? Mexico’s Eerie Haunted Island Of Dolls Gives Real-Life Chills

Are you a person who likes to indulge in horror and spooky stuff? If the genre of horror just gets the kick out of you, then there is an actual island of dead dolls in Mexico. Yes, you can visit and get spooked by the sea of dolls lying here and there at Xochimilco island. It is also known as La Isla De Las Muñecas or simply the Island of Dolls because there are precisely 4000 of them strewn across the island. Apparently, it is a haunted doll island and the history behind it will surely send a chill down your spine. 

Mexico’s Eerie Haunted Island Of Dolls Has No Humans, Just Scary Dolls Here And There

The island will greet you with numerous scary dolls, hanging from the trees, on the grass, on the abandoned houses, and more. Many of them are mutilated, missing an eye or a limb or an entire head, disfigured, covered in mud, or burnt. They are practically all over the place and you cannot escape from their creepy gazes. 

Everywhere you look, the dolls will look back at you. If you plan on exploring this spooky island and not wet your pants then go ahead, we have no compulsion. To add to the eerieness, the island doesn’t have electricity or running water, no concrete-related work is done, so if anything is to be made here has to be from wood. Any possible living being has abandoned this place since 2001.

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The History Of This Eerie Haunted Island Has A Weird Story

  • It all dates back to 1950, just like in the movies, there is a pond nearby with smog appearing and haunting background sounds becoming clearer. 
  • The locals of the nearby island have a folklore that suggests that a girl accidentally fell into the water body from a man-made island built on it for some agricultural purposes. This man-made portion is Chinampa.
  • Don Julián Santana tried to save the girl but unfortunately, she drowned and died. He had to witness this dreadful incident; he marked the exact place with a white crucifix.

  • Now the story is slowly starting to become spine-chilling, hold on to your seats or rather phones. After this, Don Julián Santana observed some strange and uncanny happenings around the island. He went on to see dark shadows and hear the cries of someone he believed to be in deep sorrow.
  • To protect him from evil things, Don combined Catholicism and mysticism. He hanged dolls all over the island, especially around the Chinampa area, where she died. His belief was these broken dolls would scare away the deeply sorrowed soul of the drowned girl or any other ghosts that were haunting him.
  • Now, the island’s caretaker is Don Julián Santana’s nephew, Javier Romero Santa. Santa claims that he can hear unexplainable noises and cries to date.

This haunting story and its uncanny doll selection have been attracting tourists from all over the world. If these creepy non-living inhabitants excite you, then what is stopping you from visiting this island?

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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