A Day At Casela Nature Park, Mauritius #InAMinute

by Akriti Seth

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Walk with the Lions or take a quadbike tour, Casela Nature Park is the kind of a place where Ostriches come to you & say Hello!

What Is It?

Housing a variety of 1500 birds and over 150 species of animals like Giant Turtles, Tortoises , Lions, Monkeys, Zebras, Giraffes and Ostriches, Casela Nature and Leisure Park is an attraction for tourists who rarely get to see the wildlife. Casela is situated in the western part of Mauritius between Flic en Flac and Tamarin covering an area of about 14 hectares.

You can chose to do anything amongst the following:

1. Interact with the wild cats

In Casela, you can be in direct contact with 9 Lions of 3 different generations and 4 Cheetahs. As scary as it may sound, don’t worry, the team will always be around and also share a few behaviour patterns of the wild cats.

Meanwhile you can chose to look at them from farstroke them or take a stroll with them. It all depends on how brave you are and how much money you can shell out. Please ensure you reach early morning for this one.

2. Rando Fun

An out of the world experience for nature-lovers which is a mix of hiking, climbing and adventure. You can pass a wooden ladder on a 60 metres high gorge, knot ropes, Nepalese bridge and much more

At half time, you will reach a waterfall where another surprise is waiting: a zip line which ends up directly in the pool of the waterfall and while you enjoy the waters, the guides prepare a delicious barbeque which will then be served on wooden platform on trees.

3. Segway tour

Discover Casela Park in a calm way on a Segway. Oh, trust me its easy and you DO NOT need any special skills for this.

4. Quadbike Tour

On an automatic 400cc Bombardier quad, go off-road between zebras, antelopes, monkeys and many more animals.

5. Photo Safari

The photo safari passes through the beautiful terrain of Casela in an original safari. You will feel like you are in the middle of a huge nature reserve and will be able to observe ducks, deer, monkeys, antelopes and many other animals.

Other than this you can check out Tilapia Fishing, Petting Farm, Mini Golf & just don’t miss the La Vanille Crocodile Farm where you can see as well as eat one.

A Day At Casela Nature Park In A Minute | Curly Tales

Walk with the Lions or go on a quadbike tour, Casela Wildlife Park and Nature Reserve is a kind of a place where ostriches come & say ‘Hello’ to you! Kamiya comfortably dressed in Pause! Mauritius

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Where: Western part of Mauritius (between Flic en Flac & Tamarin)
When: Summers (9AM – 6PM) & Winters (9AM – 5PM)
How Much: Adults: Rs.300, Children (3-12 yrs): Rs. 175

So, I am sure the next time you’re in Mauritius you won’t miss any of these. Till then,

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