Done Working? Here are 5 International Places To Retire!

by Nainisha Mehta
Done Working? Here are 5 International Places To Retire!
‘Carom rammanu, juice peevanu, majja ni life!’ – That’s how one could describe a perfect retiree life. With the world getting smaller and travel becoming easier, retirees are now looking at destinations abroad to live the care-free life. With savings in your account and lots of free time on your hand, you can be assured that once you leave the rat race you can explore cultures, live by a beach and wake up to a view every day. However, picking a destination is not a cake-walk. You have to consider the cost of living, health-care, language, taxes, entertainment and tons of other things. Here are 10 destinations that check almost all boxes.

1. Lisbon, Portugal

The second oldest city in Europe after Athens is also the best budget city! A warm climate, turquoise waters and rich cultural history – Portugal is a perfect retirement destination. The cities of Lisbon and Algarve being more popular! The low-cost of living i.e. $2,200 in the capital city of Lisbon and $1,700 in smaller cities attract retirees. You can cut down the cost and enjoy their culture by buying local produce. The health-care in Portugal provides public medical facilities to foreign nationals. The country’s Golden Visa Scheme gives an easy residency program that requires the retiree to stay in the country only one week a year as long as they buy real estate in the country. English is widely spoken which makes communication hassle free. Lisbon offers metropolitan bits as good transport, restaurants, museums, concert halls and international airport, whereas Algarve is famous for its sunny beaches and golf courses.
Algarve, Portugal. Source:

2. Malta

The five-island archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea boasts of the crystal clear waters, historic cities and 3000 hours of sun-shine in a year. If that’s not enough reason for you to book your retirement destination, the Mediterranean country is also surprisingly affordable. No, a European retirement does not require a fortune. You can live comfortably in this country for as low as $2,600 per month. The island also provides excellent health care facilities with quality hospitals. English happens to be one of the two official languages of the country! If these reasons are not enough, the perfect location of the island should just about do. Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia are neighbours. Not convinced? Well, how about opportunities to dive, snorkel, attend jazz festivals, explore stone temples?
malta-countryMalta. Source: Huffpost

3. Panama

Modern infrastructure with a mix of blue waters – Panama is close to perfect. Like every other Latin American country, the living cost is low. In $2,000 including rent and living cost, a couple can live comfortably. Panama’s Pensionado Visa offers many benefits which makes it welcoming. The visa is available to anyone over the age of 18 with a lifetime pension with a minimum of $1000 per month. Add to it discounts on flights (25%), entertainment (30%), restaurants (25%), public transport (30%), hotel stays (30-50%), Panama is no short of paradise. The one-time tax-exemption on household goods up to $10,000 in value and affordable health care are other bonus factors!PanamaPanama. Source: Rainforest Adventures

4. Languedoc-Rousillion, France

Medieval stone-houses, vineyards, beaches and mountains – France’s southern region Languedoc-Rousillion is a picture-perfect destination. A slow-paced life where you can enjoy fresh baguettes and local inexpensive wine, this region in the south of France is great for retirement. It gives you the best of beaches and mountains. Besides the excellent wines and Roman ruins Languedoc-Rousillion offers great property prices that attracts retirees. If you’re looking at living out your retirement days in historic buildings with 19th-century features at an affordable price, southern France is where you’ll find it.
languedoc-roussillonThe villas of Languedoc. Source:

5. Belize

Caribbean shoreline on the east and dense jungles on the west, the Central American country of Belize is not only a natural paradise but is also a tax haven. The Qualified Retired Person (QRP) program welcomes retirees by offering them loads of benefits, the best one being tax exemption. That’s right. Once you become a permanent resident of the country under the QPR, you’re exempted from income tax, estate tax, capital gains tax and more. You only need to be 45 years or more and show at least $2000 dollars as monthly income. This benefit has lured many expats to invest in this beautiful country and enjoy retirement. The country is still developing, but the multi-ethnicity and the Mayan ruins, the exotic flora and fauna, the majestic Barrier reef, the beaches and waterfalls all makeup for it!BelizeBlue Waters of Belize. Source:

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