Celebrate 75th Independence Day In Dubai With House Of Curry And Tri-Colour Biryani

by Deeplata Garde
Celebrate 75th Independence Day In Dubai With House Of Curry And Tri-Colour Biryani

The biryani is unquestionably a food of God if such a thing exists. Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty platter of biryani? A timeless masterpiece requires little introduction. The scent is well-known throughout the world. As if you needed another reason to order biryani, the House of Curry in Dubai presents a tri-colour biriyani bucket special in honour of the nation’s 75th Independence Day.

Biryani Buckets Of House Of Curry

Situated In Jumeriah Village Circle, House of Curry specializes in making you drool with all the delicacies they serve in the house. The variety they offer is beyond your expectations. House of Curry is a firm believer of providing quantity along with quality. Hence their buckets are loaded with yummilicious meals. And when we say biryani, vegetarians also have their share involved. Their Paneer Khumb Biryani is something you can’t miss!

But with the upcoming offer of the 75th Independence Day, House Of Curry is excited to present you with distinguished offers on the menu. Like the Tri-colour, biryani is perfect to set the mood with all that goodness that goes into it.


The iconic biryani buckets from House of Curry are perfect for any occasion, whether a night in, a lavish gathering with friends and family, or catching up on deadlines with coworkers. House of Curry stands out from the greasy and unhealthy options by fusing vibrant flavour profiles created with the best methods and fresh ingredients. It is ideal for all taste preferences.

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What Else Can We Try On The Menu?

The menu offers a variety of starters, trademark meals, and desserts in addition to delectable and appealing eating options, enhancing the culinary experience. The vegetarian samosa or the soups and salads are available as an appetiser. Authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, and Chicken Tikka Masala are on the menu as the main course, along with fresh naan and whole grain bread. End the meal with the soft, sweet Indian dessert gulab jamun and see the magic when it melts in your mouth.

Price For Biryani Buckets-

Bucket for 1 price – AED 28
Bucket for 2 price – AED 55
Bucket for 4 price – AED 99
Bucket for 6 price – AED 136

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