Chaat & Dosa Lovers, There’s A Sev Puri Dosa In Mumbai! Dare To Try It? 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Chaat & Dosa Lovers, There’s A Sev Puri Dosa In Mumbai! Dare To Try It? 

Pretty much anything can be stuffed in a dosa these days. Whether it’s chocolate, ice cream or even aamras, fusion dosas are quite a rage on social media. The latest one to join this dosa trend bandwagon is the Sev Puri Dosa in Mumbai. A viral video shows a street food vendor stuffing a dosa with chaat. Dosa and chaat lovers, would you ever dare to try this?

Sev Puri Dosa in Mumbai Takes Over The Internet

Food vlogger, Denish Tanna took to his Instagram page (@denish.tanna) to share a video of a street food vendor from Mumbai preparing a unique fusion dish where chaats from Mumbai meet dosas from South India. In the video, the street food vendor is seen first adding a scoop of dosa batter to the tawa. Then, he spread it evenly across the tawa.

Next, he adds the much-loved sev puri chaat on it. The street food vendor then goes on to crush the chaat with a metal spatula and spreads it evenly across the dosa. He finishes the dish by topping it with oodles of grated cheese and sev. The sev puri dosa is then served with dollops of chutney and a single piece of sev puri. Denish Tanna even called it “India’s most unique dosa recipe”. The food vlogger goes on to add that you can get this dosa for ₹180.

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Netizens Prefer Eating The 2 Dishes Separately

Meanwhile, Netizens had a lot to say about the Sev Puri Dosa video which garnered over 644K views so far. However many people didn’t find this appetising at all. Perhaps, they ended up offending both chaat and dosa lovers alike. A person commented that he respects the food vlogger’s stomach as he ate indigestible food. Another commented that it was a nonsense food combination.

A foodie even goes on to add that if one buys a plate of dosa and a plate of Sev Puri separately, it would amount to just ₹90. And then again an Instagrammer chimed in, threatening to call Putin to India.

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Foodies, does this Sev Puri dosa offend you? Or do you have the guts to give this a try.

Cover Image Courtesy: @denish.tanna/ Instagram