Sonakshi Sinha Loves These Various Kinds Of Dosa

by Mallika Khurana
Sonakshi Sinha Loves These Various Kinds Of Dosa

Our Sunday Brunches are always special, and this one had double the fun, double the food, and, of course, double the guests. Lady Singham, Sonakshi Sinha, a veteran of the show, and Vijay Varma, the bad boy of Bollywood, joined our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani for a dose of fun and yummy food. In this episode, we do know a lot about them. Right from their first paycheck to how they got their break in the business, we talked about it all. If you wish to know all about their love for Sindhi, Rajasthani, and Hyderabadi cuisines, watch the full episode.

Sonakshi Sinha & Vijay Varma Gave Food Recommendations For Everyone

This fun-filled episode was all about food. While indulging in some deliciousness, we discussed Vijay Varma’s and Sonakshi Sinha’s love for Hyderabadi and Sindhi cuisines. We even checked how well-versed they were with each other’s cuisines. Before this exciting episode could come to an end, we had to take some suggestions from them. Foodies, take note!

For all those visiting Hyderabad, Vijay recommends having biryani, Osmania biscuits, fruit biscuits, and plum cake from Karachi Bakery, and pani puri, known as Gupchup in the state. As a recommendation for Mumbai folks, Sonakshi urges them to have vada pav, of course.

She also shares that the street food in Mumbai is to die for. She also loves dosas near Mithibai College. The schezwan dosa, cheese dosa, and Mysore masala dosa from that eatery are must-haves. She called these dosas the Bombay version of the South Indian speciality, and we couldn’t agree more. 

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Vijay Varma Is Well Versed In Rajasthani Recipes

Sonakshi Sunday Brunch
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We wanted to test their knowledge of one another’s cuisines and make this episode more interesting. First, we asked Vijay about the main ingredient in the Sindhi dish, sai bhaji. With a few cues, he correctly identified spinach. We then requested that Sonakshi list the components of the dal, bati, and churma.

When she was unable to complete it, Vijay surprised us by sharing the specifics of how to prepare this traditional Rajasthani dish. We learned a lot about the mysterious master chef, Vijay Varma. 

We had a great time with these Bollywood stars, and you need to watch how it went right away!

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