Chalal, A Village Near Kasol Is Paradise, And Here’s All You Need To Know About This Beautiful Spot In Parvati Valley

by Mallika Khurana
Chalal, A Village Near Kasol Is Paradise, And Here’s All You Need To Know About This Beautiful Spot In Parvati Valley

At a height of 5300 feet, Chalal is a well-liked tourist destination located along the Parvati River in the Parvati Valley area. Chalal is about 3.4 km from Kasol. It takes about 30 minutes of hiking to get there.

Due to its enormous popularity, Kasol is becoming more and more commercialised. Chalal is therefore the most popular nearby destination for those who travel to Kasol because it is less crowded and significantly more beautiful than Kasol. 

With the exception of the new year, this location also offers the option to camp on Riverside for a very affordable price. In addition, cafes and forests are frequent locations for Psy parties. Ask the locals or cafe owners if any of those parties catch your attention. They’ll inform you of upcoming events that you can attend.

How To Reach Chalal?

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You can quickly locate direct private cabs for Kasol from the airport or train station. From there, you must hike to the village of Chalal. If you don’t want to pay for a cab, you can travel from the airport or train station to the Buntar Bus Stop and catch a public bus to Kasol from there.

The Kasol is the closest bus stop to the Chalal, but very few direct buses pass this way. Therefore, if there are any direct buses to Kasol, that is good; if not, you must first get to Buntar. From there, you can either take a public bus or a private taxi to Kasol. After that, all that remains is a short hike to the village.

The Perfect Stay?

Homestays, expensive or inexpensive cafes, and camps are all available here. There are numerous areas where you can set up your own camp with permission, of course. Except during peak season, finding a place that fits your budget is simple. 

The majority of the cafes provide both food and lodging. Therefore, you can either order food from the cafe where you are staying at or go to another. This is the best possible scenario if you are staying in homestays. Compared to cafes, homestay offers higher-quality food at more affordable prices.

Experience Chalal To The Fullest

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While there is so much you can do, admiring nature at Chalal should be one of the things you absolutely must do. Oh, we made a quick must-have experience list for you:

  • Camping: The Chalal River is a well-known location for camping. Stay in the campground and take in a starry night. You can clearly hear the Parvati River from your camp.
  • Bonfire Nights: If you want a bonfire, just ask the owner whether you are staying in a camp, a cafe, or a homestay. Then you can sit by it, look up at the stars, and listen to your favourite music.
  • One with Nature: You could visit the Chalal Forest region. In addition to the sound of the Parvati River, you can hear birds chirping.

Sounds lovely, right? So plan up and don’t forget to share pictures with us on Instagram.

Best Time To Visit: All around the year except for Monsoon

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons