Chandigarh Authorities Advise People To Avoid Private Cabs And Book Yellow Plated Ones. Here’s Why

by Shreya Rathod
Chandigarh Authorities Advise People To Avoid Private Cabs And Book Yellow Plated Ones. Here’s Why

Getting a cab is the easiest thing to do when you don’t have a ride to reach your destination. In fact, we have relied on cab aggregators for booking rides. However, there are a few cab services that offer rides but not the ones with yellow plates. The Chandigarh authorities have advised people to book cabs with yellow plates— here’s why.

Chandigarh Administration Advises People To Book Cabs With Yellow Plate

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The authorities of Chandigarh have recommended residents use cab aggregators to hire cars with only yellow commercial number plates. Two businesses, OLA and Uber, have been given aggregator licences by the Chandigarh Administration to offer taxi services in the Union Territory of Chandigarh.

For the protection of the general public, they are urged to book cabs with yellow commercial number plates through these two businesses rather than through unregistered app-based aggregator companies.

In case they fail to do so, strict legal action will be taken against passengers as well as drivers of private vehicles. In fact, it was also advised not to travel in a cab or bike having a private number (white plate) which is illegal. Commercial taxis also have panic buttons that can be pressed in an emergency.

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The maximum fee for taxis in the UT of Chandigarh is set by the Chandigarh Administration at ₹34 per kilometre. The UT noted that if any taxi driver or company overcharges the fare, they should immediately report to the State Transport Authority (STA) office.

The Drivers On A Strike For More Than A Week

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The aggregator taxi drivers, who had been on strike for more than a week, ended it on Saturday after the UT administration promised to fulfil their requests in a timely manner. The joint secretary of transportation and the STA met with them and promised to address all of their concerns, according to the head of the Joint Cab Drivers Association. And after the meeting, they made the decision to end the strike.

Most of their demands would be satisfied after the aggregator companies begin operating under the new aggregator policy in November, according to STA Rupesh Kumar.

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This also includes the proportion of taxi companies as opposed to aggregator firms.

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