Chandigarh Street Vendor Is Offering Free Chole Bhature To Those Taking COVID Boosters

by Vinita Jain
Chandigarh Street Vendor Is Offering Free Chole Bhature To Those Taking COVID Boosters

A year ago, on the monthly radio show Man Ki Baat, Sanjay Rana received praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A street vendor who was offering free Chhole Bhature to people vaccinated with prophylactic doses of COVID-19 on the same day. Sanjay Rana is a 45-year-old vendor from Chandigarh who is concerned over the complacency that has occurred among the general public. The Prime Minister paid tribute to his efforts, saying, “It is said that working for society requires service and a sense of duty. Our brother Sanjay proves that right”.

Narendra Modi said to enjoy Sanjay Rana Ji’s “Chole Bhature” for free, you need to prove that you were vaccinated on the same day. If you show the vaccination message, he will give you a delicious “Chole Bhature” plate. Sanjay Rana has been running the stand for over 15 years.

45-year-old Vendor Tries Spreading Awareness

Eligible people should not hesitate in getting done with their vaccinations. There is already a slight increase in infections in many parts of the country. Why should we wait for the situation to spiral out of control? Lessons must be learned from the type of situation that prevailed in April-May 2021,” said Rana.

Since May last year, Sanjay Rana has been offering ‘Chorley Bhature’ for over 7 months free of charge and they are still willing to give them a few weeks of this free time. “As a child, I had a great desire to serve my country and join the army. But fate had something else in mind for me. But now I want to contribute in another way and I’m very happy”, says Rana.

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How Did He Come Up With This Idea?

Sanjay Rana said his daughter Ridhima and his niece Riya are behind this idea. The 10th-grade pass Rana also said in one of his statements that he used to earlier work at a private firm too. However, his aim is to provide the best education to his daughter.

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