“Chappal Uthaungi Aur Muh Pe Maarungi,” Woman Abuses Uber Driver After Car Breaks Down; Netizens Call Her ‘Ghamandi’

She launches a personal attack, diminishing the driver's profession and income.

by Nikitha Sebastian
“Chappal Uthaungi Aur Muh Pe Maarungi,” Woman Abuses Uber Driver After Car Breaks Down; Netizens Call Her ‘Ghamandi’

A recent viral video flips the script on a familiar narrative, exposing the often-ignored issue of men being harassed by women. The footage features a heated argument between a female passenger and her Uber driver after his car breaks down.  What follows is a masterclass in verbal abuse, highlighting the plight of the driver caught in a situation beyond his control.

Woman Abuses Uber Driver

The video opens with the woman, dressed in a yellow kurta, launching a tirade at the driver. Threats of legal action hang heavy in the air as she vents about the inconvenience.  However, her anger goes beyond the breakdown.  She launches a personal attack, diminishing the driver’s profession and income. She accuses him of being “badtameez” (rude) and questions why he’s wandering with a “ghatiya do Saudi ki gadi” (cheap two-bit car). Her anger stems from the driver being forced to pull over due to a mechanical issue.

Despite having paid online, the woman demands a cash refund. When the driver explains that refunds are handled through Uber’s app, she escalates the situation.  She resorts to personal attacks, criticising the state of his car and accusing him of poor maintenance.

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Netizens Fuming Over Disrespect

The driver attempts to reason with her, pointing out the relatively small fare (around ₹150) doesn’t justify her outburst. He remains calm despite her escalating threats, including the promise of physical violence with a shoe and public humiliation.

The woman’s abuse reaches a peak when she declares, “Teri aukaat nahi hai mere paise dene ki” (You don’t have the status to return my money), implying he’s somehow beneath her. The driver remains professional, refusing to engage with her baseless accusations and suggesting she file a complaint.

The video ends with the woman refusing to leave the vehicle, threatening the driver with violence and public shame. Netizens have expressed outrage at the woman’s behaviour, with many condemning her lack of respect and empathy. “She has crossed the limits very clearly!” commented one user on X (Formerly, Twitter).  “She should have some Respect.” said another user.

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This incident underscores the need for better communication and respect between passengers and drivers. While the driver could have ensured his vehicle was in top condition, the passenger’s response was completely unacceptable. The incident highlights the growing issue of passenger aggression towards ride-sharing drivers.

Cover Image Courtesy: @gharkekalesh /X (Formerly, Twitter)

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