Char Dham Yatra’s Kedarnath Turns Into Sea Of Garbage As Tourists Throw Plastic Waste

by Sanjana Shenoy
Char Dham Yatra’s Kedarnath Turns Into Sea Of Garbage As Tourists Throw Plastic Waste

What if guests who visited our home left after littering it with plastic waste? Enraged, disgusted and even disappointed right? Probably, this is what locals and the government at Kedarnath might be feeling. Char Dham Yatra’s Kedarnath has turned into a sea of garbage after pilgrims threw plastic waste all over the mountain. Read on to know more.

Kedarnath Route Resembles Garbage Dump After Tourists Litter Place

Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand resumed two years post the Covid-19 pandemic. As lakhs of devotees visit Char Dham, the routes to the sacred sites are slowly turning into a garbage dumps, littered with various types of waste including plastic. Recently, ANI tweeted a horrific picture of tents spread across a high altitude with snow-covered mountains. What was supposed to look like a scenic picture looks no different from a streetside dump. Large amounts of plastic waste like plastic bags and bottles were littered near the tents.

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Plastic Waste Can Lead To Landslides In Uttarakhand

The stretch leading to Kedarnath looked like a horror show of plastic waste. Prof MS Negi, the HOD of the Geography department at Garhwal Central University revealed to ANI taht the plastic garbage in Kedarnath was hazardous to the ecology. Its erosion can cause landslides. And keeping in mind the tragedy of 2013, people must be careful. Due to a manifold increase in tourists, and lack of proper sanitation, the plastic garbage during Char Dham Yatra has increased. As tourists and pilgrims, we must practice responsible tourism. The government on its part must ensure proper amenities.