Check Out This Diamond-Encrusted Emirates Plane

by Dhruv Maniar
Check Out This Diamond-Encrusted Emirates Plane

Under 140 Characters 

Emirates shared a post on Wednesday showing their Boeing 777 plane encrusted with diamonds and the internet has gone all wild. 

What Is It?

Dubai based Arline carrier, Emirates is known to have one of the best hospitality and entertainment. And it’s known to do extraordinary stuff. Similarly, yesterday Emirates reshared a post by Sara Shakeel, a crystal artist who shared a blueprint image on the Emirates Boeing 777 encrusted with diamonds and crystals. Within no time the news was spread all across the globe making the image go wild on the internet. It’s been almost 24 hours from the image being shared and Emirates has already received 400k likes on their post. A lot of people thought that plane actually existed and the Emirates spokesperson clarified that Emirates didn’t have one of its planes covered in bling.

What Else?

Shakeel is a Pakistani dentist-turned-artist with close to 500,000 followers. She makes her followers mesmerized by adding glitter and diamonds to normal things making it an extraordinary artwork. 

“I add crystals and diamonds to the most ordinary objects of everyday life,” she once told Forbes in an interview.