Chef Garima Arora Is Back In MasterChef India Kitchen; Returns With Season’s Hardest Challenge

Chef Garima Arora made a comeback to MasterChef India with the toughest challenge of Season 8 for the elimination round.

by Shreya Ghosh
Chef Garima Arora Is Back In MasterChef India Kitchen; Returns With Season’s Hardest Challenge

Are you a fan of cooking shows and reality TV series? If yes, then you might enjoy watching MasterChef as well. Premiering on Sony LIV, MasterChef India comes with a grand challenge for the elimination round, and someone very special and close to the show makes a comeback with this cooking challenge. Ladies and gentlemen, Chef Garima Arora returns to MasterChef India and she has an exciting role to play this time.

We Cannot Wait To See Chef Garima Arora At MasterChef India

Taking back to Instagram, Chef Ranveer Brar made the grand announcement of Chef Garima Arora coming back to the cooking show.


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MasterChef India is undoubtedly one of India’s most cherished and popular cooking reality shows and right now it is in its glorious eighth season. Apart from the nail-biting competitions and fascinating cooking tips and tricks to learn from the show, one of our favourite aspects about MasterChef India is its judge panel. This year, Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Ranveer Brar, and Chef Pooja Dhingra are the judges for the show.

Chef Garima Arora surely made a grand entrance to the show as she arrived with the toughest challenge for the contestants. She was on the judging panel in the last season. In season 8, she returned as a guest judge. We are going to see her coming back with the hardest challenge of the season for the elimination round after the episode premieres. The task was a cook-along challenge. We are certain that the competition was exciting and edgy at the same time.

Words fall short while talking about Chef Garima Arora. Her contribution to the world of culinary has been incredible and she achieved some significant milestones in her journey as well. The guest judge is the first Indian woman to receive the prestigious Michelin Star. She made a prominent mark on an international level as well. Back in the year 2019, her restaurant ‘Gaa’ entered the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants at No. 16. She also became Asia’s Best Female Chef by World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019.

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Here’s All You Need To Know About The Cook-Along Challenge


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Home cooks had to make Mahua Ice Cream and follow the timeline specified by the chef. Spoiler alert; Chef Garima made the dessert at a super fast speed. The contestants got an extra 5 minutes to focus on their preparation after the chef was done with the ice cream. The cooks did only had to focus on making the sweet treat in the best way possible but also had to stay alert about the very limited time provided to whip up the deliciousness.

This challenge for the elimination round can surely be considered the toughest task that can either help the cooks reach the next level or bid adieu to their dreams of moving forward in MasterChef India. We will not spoil many details about the elimination round as it is going to be epic! All we shared today was the dish that the cooks prepared. To know which contestants impressed the judges, make sure to watch the episode.

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Are you excited for the challenging episode?

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