Chef Makes Pani Puri Cake For Husband’s Bday; Netizens Say, “Cake & Pani Puri Dono Kharab Kiya”

A chef made a pani puri cake for her husband and we are unsure about if it tastes good.

by Shreya Ghosh
Chef Makes Pani Puri Cake For Husband’s Bday; Netizens Say, “Cake & Pani Puri Dono Kharab Kiya”

Themed birthday cakes are always a BIG hit at birthday parties, anniversaries, and memorable celebrations. Be it some amazing fondant work or extravagant designs, themed cakes are a favourite among people these days. In between all these unique designs and themed cakes trending on the Internet, we came across a chef making a pani puri cake. Well, we love pani puri and cakes separately but we are unsure about the blend of both.

Chef Shared A Video Of Making Pani Puri Cake For Her Husband

Taking to Instagram, Gokul Kitchen (@gokul_kitchen) shared this video of baking this unique cake.


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A post shared by Gokul Kitchen (@gokul_kitchen)

Cakes are delectable sweet treats that simply melt in our mouths. Be it the spongy cakes or the delish creams, most of us enjoy these sweet delights in all flavours. On the other hand, every bite of pani puri is a burst of chatpata and spicy flavours and it is too hard to control ourselves from eating more and more. For this video, the chef made a fusion of both and prepared a sweet cake with fillings and garnishing of ingredients used to make pani puri.

She starts the video by adding spicy pani on a layer of cake and some frosting on the borders. Then she fills it with a spicy matar ragda, some chutney, sev, and crushed puris, and repeats the same on another layer of cake. After covering the entire cake with white cream, she adds lots of sev and covers the sides and the top. Lastly, she garnishes with a red tamarind chutney and pani puri.

This cake recipe is a mix of both sweet and savoury ingredients. Is it a good combination or a failed attempt? Let’s see what Internet users and foodies think about it.

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Netizens React To This One-Of-A-Kind Birthday Cake

Pani Puri Cake
Picture credit- Instagram/ Gokul Kitchen (@gokul_kitchen)

Shared just a few days ago, this pani puri cake-making video has garnered more than 426K views with over 3K views and hundreds of comments. Most of the comments under the baking and cake-cutting video are about Netizens disapproving of the idea and calling it somewhat weird.

A Netizen commented on the video, “Ab whipped cream ke sath golgappe bhi bana do”. A comment read, “Fir toh aapne ,cake base ko bina swad ka rakh hoga 🤔”. Another comment read, “Dislike…cake n Pani Puri dono kharab kiya”. An Instagrammer wrote, “Sirjee got a horrible surprise on his birthday😁 I hope he is doing well…coz I went in shock just by looking at it”.

Some more comments under the pani puri cake video are:

  • Bechare ko cake katne ki Khushi bhi nahi hai
  • Plz keep Pani puri and cake different
  • Please don’t use creativity in such a way, please don’t disregard cake or chaat in such a weird way
  • Kyu krte hai log aise experiment 🙄🙄
  • What the hell is this, I can’t even imagine

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What do you think of this unique pani puri cake? Will you bake a themed cake like this for your loved ones to celebrate their special days?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Gokul Kitchen (@gokul_kitchen)

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