Chef Ranveer Brar Often Picks Up Exotic Dishes From Australia Like Lemon Myrtle & Finger Limes To Prepare Fusion Indian Dishes

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by Sanmita A 295

Chef Ranveer Brar sat with Curly Tales’s host, Saba Asif, in Dubai to interact with us and talk about his career in cooking, why he chose on being a chef, his love for travel, and more. Chef Ranveer also talks about how his travel is largely inspired by food. In this episode, you will come to know the personal and professional side of Chef Ranveer, and what makes him a largely admired chef around the country and even in the world.

Chef Ranveer Brar Picks Ingredients For Exotic Dishes

Chef Ranveer Brar, in the episode of Sunday Brunch with Curly Tales ME, says, “I do that a lot. Every time I am in Australia, I pick up ah, the myrtles, lemon myrtles. finger limes, exotic ingredients from Australia, bring them back. and use them in my kebabs, use them as sprinklers, or use them as sprinklers, or use them as chaat masala.” So, basically, Chef Ranveer Brar is one of the chefs who love to create fusion dishes with ingredients from different countries in the world. And, surely the expertise Chef Ranveer has, just adds to the essence of Indian cuisine.

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The Chef’s Favourite Restaurant


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One of the world’s finest restaurants is the Chef’s favourite place to eat at. During the interview with Curly Tales ME, he names the restaurant, Noma, owned by his friend Rene. He is all praises about the kind of food that they create and how their restaurant is one of the finest in the world.

Well, this also brings us to ask you to visit Noma if you are a food enthusiast and love to visit one of the finest dining places in the world.

To watch more of Chef Ranveer Brar, his culinary experience, and what kept him going through the cooking journey, watch Sunday Brunch with Curly Tales ME.

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