Chef Vikas Khanna Lauds The 3 Indian Chefs Who Just Got Michelin Stars; Meet The Chefs!

by Tooba Shaikh
Chef Vikas Khanna Lauds The 3 Indian Chefs Who Just Got Michelin Stars; Meet The Chefs!

Three Indian chefs in the Chicago, Washington DC and New York areas won the prestigious Michelin stars yesterday. These chefs were congratulated by the one and only Chef Vikas Khanna on his social media. In his post, he tagged the three chefs, Chef Vijaya Kumar, Chef Chetan Shetty and Chef Sujan S and applauded this major accomplishment of theirs and appreciated their skill. But exactly who are these chefs? Let’s meet them!

Chef Vikas Khanna Lauds Three Indian Chefs Who Got Michelin Stars


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In his post on Instagram, Chef Vikas Khanna gave a huge shoutout to the three chefs. He started the caption by saying that Diwali arrived a little early in the US because not one, but three Indian chefs were recognised by the world’s most prestigious culinary award. Chef Vikas even tagged the three chefs as well as the restaurants and heartily congratulated them.

He even went on to express his dream. His dream he said was that he was looking forward to the day when every country would house a Michelin-starred Indian restaurant. Indian cuisine is diverse and powerful and in the hands of capable chefs, it has the potential to dominate the culinary world!

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Let’s Meet These Three Indian Chefs

1. Chef Sujan Sarkar, Chicago


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Chef Sujan Sarkar helms Indienne in Chicago. He was one of the three Indian chefs who received the Michelin star yesterday. Indienne is a progressive fine dining restaurant which aimed to introduce Chicago to a new side of Indian cuisine. After yesterday, we dare say that they have been successful in achieving this aim of theirs. It is currently offering a la carte dishes as well as two tasting menus, vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

2. Chef Chetan Shetty, Washington DC


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Chef Chetan Shetty leads the kitchen of the phenomenal restaurant, Rania, in Washington DC. Rania was the brainchild of the team behind another iconic restaurant in the district, Punjab Grill DC. This opulent establishment has successfully attempted to shatter all existing stereotypes regarding Indian cuisine to present a new and transformed culinary experience to its patrons.

3. Chef Vijaya Kumar, New York


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Finally, we have Chef Vijaya Kumar who spearheads the kitchen at Semma in the Big Apple. Semma is a South Indian haunt where Chef Vijaya Kumar makes this electric city fall in love with the food from his home region. Semma, which means Awesome in Tamil, has been packed with people ever since it was first established. It can be quite a challenge to find a table in the restaurant and this Michelin star shows why.

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Have you been to any of these Indian restaurants? Are there any restaurants that you think should win the Michelin star? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @vikaskhannagroup/Instagram

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