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Vikas Khanna
by Mallika Khurana

Even if you are not a regular at watching Masterchef India, you are aware of the charm of Chef Vikas Khanna. He is a Michelin Star chef who made a name for himself and for India by representing the country on a global level. He deserves a lot of praise for his skills as a chef and as an artist who is on the road to conquering it all. To tell us all about his achievements and the journey of hard work behind them, Chef Vikas Khanna joined our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani on this episode of Tere Gully Mein. To know all about the upcoming movie, watch this full episode right away!

Vikas Khanna Shared How He Felt When He Got His Michelin Star

After sharing his mantra to success and the secret behind never giving up, he inspired us a lot. He really focused on the importance of standing back up after a failure. But we wondered if failures or bad reviews still bothered him. He shared that, of course, the negativity affects him like it does anyone. Especially when VIkas Khanna first went to America, Indian chefs did not have representation like they do today. So, when he got his first Michelin star, it was a really great achievement.

However, people around him thought that he should have gotten 2 stars instead of 1, and that really affected him. What initially overjoyed him suddenly broke his heart. After a while, he had to focus on the truth and realise that for an Indian chef representing Indian food, it was still a big deal. Sure, the journey ahead of him was long, and he had a lot more to achieve, but for that moment, he focused on the win.

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He Talked About Working With Shabana Azmi

Vikas Khanna

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Talking about his upcoming book, he shared with us how she got Shabana Azmi on board and why he just had to have her. In his opinion, Shabana Azmi is the best actress, and after working with her, he was more sure of it. He revealed that even though she does not cook, she learned it all to play her character perfectly. It sure takes a lot of dedication.

Vikas Khanna went on to share more about his different achievements, and you must watch the video to learn more about them.

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