Chennai Gets Its First Food Delivery WOMAN

by Tushal Kukreja
Chennai Gets Its First Food Delivery WOMAN

Under 140 Characters

Mother’ Day 2019 is here and Jayalakshmi, mother of two, at age 40 is Chennai’s first food delivery ‘akka’.

What Is It?

One thing we have learned from the era of feminism is that both the genders deserve equity (equal opportunities) in all parts of life. Though we have a long way to go but this journey has been started on a two wheeler by Jayalakshmi. Jayalakshmi at age 40 has proven that it is never too late to smash stereotypes and bring down barriers. Until a few weeks ago she did not know how to operate mobile applications or even google maps for that matter and if this is not a true example of bringing down barriers then we don’t know what is.

All this however changed for good four weeks ago and Chennai got its first female food delivery executive.

Photo Credits: TimesNow

What Else?

Jayalaxmi had two major concerns about joining, she had never used mobile applications before and she could not work for long hours in the evening. Swiggy solved both of her concerns and now we have a female executive in orange zipping down the busy streets of Chennai.

Jayalaxmi works from 10 am to 5:30 pm and manages to deliver 10 orders a day. Covering about 120kms everyday, she earns about 3,000 rupees every week and hopes to get her kids follow their dreams.

From not knowing how to operate google maps to delivering 10 orders a day, this self-empowered lady has come a long way and we hope that this story marks as a beam of inspiration for all the other Jayalaxmi’s out there.