Chennai Folks! Have A Romantic Dinner Below The Sea And Soak In The Marine Life Wonders

by Mallika Khurana
Chennai Folks! Have A Romantic Dinner Below The Sea And Soak In The Marine Life Wonders

Valentine’s Day has a bittersweet angle to it. While we all wait for the day, planning for a perfect evening takes a lot of effort. The 2023 Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we are sure you are grilling yourself to come up with the best plan to make the day special for you and your special someone. For Chennai folks, Below Sea Level’s underwater candlelight dinner has you covered with the best plan.

In Chennai, there aren’t many places where you can have dinner by candlelight. However, there is only one location in India where you can eat underwater. You heard that right!

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Below Sea Level Brings You A Romantic Experience

On specific days in the evenings from 7.30 PM to 10 PM, Below Sea Level offers candlelight dinners at the deep ocean zone, where you can eat while being surrounded by sharks, stingrays, and other unusual marine life. What could be a more romantic view for a Valentine’s Day dinner?

They accept reservations for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other small gatherings in addition to private dining reservations. So, no matter what occasion you’re celebrating, do it with the fishes!

Every month, Below Sea Level at VGP Marine Kingdom offers group candlelight dinners. With hundreds of marine animals all around you, the aquarium offers a delicious four-course buffet. Additionally, you can add a personalised greeting banner to the celebration to surprise your loved one and make it even more special.

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A Delicious Meal With A Marine View

To elaborate on marine life, the tank contains more than 100 different fish species. So, aside from your menu, of course, there is a tonne to see and discover.

The lavish buffet, which has been specially curated, will include a live pasta station, a variety of seafood, chicken, and desserts. There are many different delectable dishes available for vegetarians as well.

Where: Below Sea Level, VGP Marine Kingdom, Chennai

Cost: ₹4,000 per couple, by reservation only.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Below The Sea