Chennaites Get Ready To Dine At The State’s First Ever Two-Deck Floating Restaurant Soon

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Chennaites Get Ready To Dine At The State’s First Ever Two-Deck Floating Restaurant Soon

How about sailing in the backwaters, witnessing the beauty of nature, and relishing a delicious meal? Sounds dreamy, right? Well, Chennaites are soon going to experience this dreamy way of relishing meals. The Muttukadu Boat House in Chennai will soon launch a two-deck floating restaurant. It will be the first floating restaurant in the state of Tamil Nadu, making it more exciting and much-awaited. 

Two-Deck Floating Restaurant In Chennai

The Tamil Nadu tourism department has already begun its work to construct a two-deck floating restaurant on the outskirts of Chennai. A floating restaurant 25 feet wide and 125 feet long will be launched at the Muttukadu Boat House within the next three months.

The total cost of the restaurant is estimated to be ₹5 crore. The restaurant will also have a kitchen and can easily accommodate about 100 people at a time. The lower deck will be completely air-conditioned, with dining and rooms. The upper deck will be a breathtaking open dining area.

The keel laying to begin the process of building the boat was done by the Minister of Tourism and Tourism Development Corporation of Tamil Nadu, K. Ramachandran. 

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First In The State

During the keel laying of the two-deck floating restaurant, K. Ramchandran said that this floating restaurant is the very first one in the state of Tamil Nadu. He also mentioned that they are trying to build it and open it to the general public in three months.

 Based on how the floating restaurant will be received by people and their reactions to it, this concept will be pushed forward to other tourist spots. K. Ramachandran thinks that this will be an ideal option to hold government meetings and small social gatherings for the department. 

 The addition of this floating eatery to the Muttukadu Boat House’s other leisure options and tourist attractions will be fantastic. Soon, you’ll be able to dine, go sailing, and engage in other adventurous activities while taking in a panoramic view of the surrounding area from the lake.

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Chennaites, are you excited?

Cover Image Courtesy: @ttdc/Instagram