Chick`nCone Available At Global Village

by Rania Pagarani 2043

Under 140 Characters:

Chick`nCone located at the Global Village near the VIP Gate is known for its crispiest chicken served in a delicious waffle cone.

What Is It? 

Chick`nCone located at the Global Village serves the best fork-free chicken in a delicious waffle along with some crunchy crispy seasoned fries. The most interesting part is that you can relish chicken with some spicy sauces like yella bqq, cinna-maple and buffalo blue. If you love fries then you must try their scrumptious Cajun Fries.

credits: Chick’nCone facebook


Location: Global Village, Dubai
Cost: AED 45 for two
Timings: 4pm – 12pm