China Introduces World To The First Artificial Intelligence News Anchor & It’s Hot News!

by Shreya Ghosh
China Introduces World To The First Artificial Intelligence News Anchor & It’s Hot News!

The most trending news at the moment is China launching the first-ever Artificial Intelligence news anchor in the world. Tech enthusiasts are truly enthralled by this magnificent launch. If you are also excited to know about the debut of this news anchor, you are at the right place. Do not skip a word and read till the last for all the deets of this fascinating English-speaking AI news anchor.

China Launches The First Artificial Intelligence News Anchor!

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A Xinhua News Agency of China made the fascinating debut of the AI news anchor on Thursday. The state-run agency introduced the robot AI anchor by modelling it like Zhang Zhao. They collaborated with, a Chinese search engine, to launch the artificial intelligence news anchor. It was launched at the World Internet Conference. Machine learning played a huge role to develop the anchor. It helped in adding many human characteristics to the news anchors such as building their voice stimulation, facial changes while talking, interacting, and body movements just like a real anchor.

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These Anchors Learn Everything Vy Themselves!

According to a report by KalingaTV, these artificial intelligence anchors can work non-stop throughout the day. they are developed in a way that they have the capability to work 24 hours around the clock. Their mode of working is learning and gathering information from different live videos and then speaking like a real anchor. The anchor can properly themselves as a professional.

The state-run Xinhua news agency also shared two pieces of news from the AI broadcaster on the Twitter account. While one report presents China talking about the launch of the first Mars probe back in 2020. And the other news is about thanking the Chinese journalists, sending them good wishes, and paying tribute to them.

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This amazing debut of the news anchor truly shows the advancement of technology and how it is dominating the entire world. There has always been a conversation about whether artificial intelligence will take over the world and lead to many job losses. Well, it is only a matter of time to find it out.

News Source: KalingaTV

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay