Dubai To Use Artificial Intelligence To Make Bus Journeys More Efficient

by Ishita Agarwal
Dubai To Use Artificial Intelligence To Make Bus Journeys More Efficient

The RTA’s Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, announced at a meeting with the Public Transportation Agency Team. Dubai RTA will employ contemporary technology and AI to improve public bus services, operational efficiency, and bus occupancy rates. 

There Are Systematic Improvements in Dubai 

The urban traffic management system will use AI and advanced algorithms in Dubai. It will use to gather and analyse a lot of data from nol cards, buses, taxis, and the Enterprise Command and Control Center. The technology will transmit quick warnings about changes to bus routes and timetables, which is estimated to improve bus ridership by 17%. However, individuals wait 10% less. Average bus travel duration is down 5%, while bus ridership is up 17%.

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Initial Results Of This AI Bus Services 

The training attempts to improve new hires’ supervisory, administrative, and technical abilities to acclimate them to the department’s specialised character. Al Tayer investigates the Remote Bus Performance Monitoring Centre at Al Quoz Bus Depot, operated by FAMCO. The findings of the first operating phase show that the system decreases fuel usage by 5%, and bus breakdowns during trips by 10%. However the customer complaints from drivers by 15% in Dubai. 

Additionally, the system facilitated the planning of periodic and preventative maintenance for buses in Dubai. Moreover,  boosts the evaluation of drivers’ efficiency, raises road safety levels, and increases customer satisfaction ratings. Therefore, the organisation plans to add 316 extra buses to the system.

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