Dubai To Roll Out End-Of-Service Saving Scheme For Expats

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai To Roll Out End-Of-Service Saving Scheme For Expats

Dubai’s government has always been supportive of employment opportunities. They have some really successful initiatives in the employment sector. Recently DIFC announced another such scheme launched by the Dubai government. That includes an end-of-service saving scheme for expats working in government offices in the emirate starting July 2022. Employees working for Dubai government departments will benefit from the savings plan.

The Scheme Will Come Into Effect In July

The DIFC is in charge of overseeing the execution of the Provident Fund for Dubai government overseas workers. They organized a series of videoconferences with executives from Dubai government agencies to go through the intricacies of the plan. Executives, hr managers, and staff from government departments who will be adopting the new system attended the first meetings.


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The attendees learnt about the system’s benefits, membership conditions, and different sorts of monetary contributions. The meeting also had the procedures that are present at all levels, including employee, employer, and the fund’s steering committee.

These seminars are part of a chain of public awareness campaigns for organizations and workers. The plan is to familiarise themselves with the project’s details in order to satisfy the project’s objectives. The plan would go live in July.

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What Is The Aim Of This Initiative?

  1. Providing chances for workers to enhance their privileges and assets while protecting and preserving their rights.
  2. Increasing the freedom and appeal of the Dubai labour bid to attract the top skills and brains.
  3. Creating a culture of saving and asset management for employees’ current and future needs.

The fund will serve to reinforce Dubai’s position as a global financial hub by acting as an incubator for global expertise and competencies. It will eventually improve the emirate’s labour market’s attractiveness and flexibility.

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