Dubai Food Startups Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Prevent Food Wastage

by Ishita Agarwal
Dubai Food Startups Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Prevent Food Wastage

Positive news about food waste does not often come out of Dubai, which is among the top countries in the world for per capita waste. However, in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12 of Responsible Consumption and Production, parliamentarians have committed to halving food waste by 2030. As a result, several foodtech and agritech solutions are now being developed to address the problem of food security. 

EroeGo is the UAE’s First ‘ugly food’ Delivery Service.

The first “ugly” meal delivery service in Dubai is called EroeGo. Although eating a healthy diet might be expensive, almost 1 million tonnes of food gets waste annually in the UAE alone. A large portion of this waste results from stores rejecting foods that are deem “ugly” or to be extra productive. 

This also relates to cultural standards since providing food is a show of hospitality. Additionally, when Ramadan rolls around, sales encourage consumers to purchase more than necessary just because food is so inexpensive. Finally, we know that most food waste occurs at the home level. Thus a lot of it gets waste.

And then there are the brunches we all attend when hotels can’t resist having extra food on hand. Fortunately, the tourist industry is subject to far greater regulation on sustainability. But, although there has been some change, there is still much opportunity for improvement. 



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Imports Coming To Dubai

The Dubai also receives a lot of imports, so since people are used to having a wide variety of products available all year long, they anticipate certain aesthetics. Because of this, even farmers who try to plant locally cannot market a product that doesn’t appear recognised. 

Above all, you must inform individuals about what they can do to solve the problem. Give any extra food to your neighbours or housekeepers, for instance, if you’re going on vacation. In order to reduce waste, many fantastic businesses encourage customers to alert their neighbours when they have leftover food or materials. 

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