Chittorgarh Fort To Become India’s First Fort To Be Illuminated All Around The Year

by Shreya Ghosh
Chittorgarh Fort To Become India’s First Fort To Be Illuminated All Around The Year

Rajasthan is home to historic and iconic forts signifying the most stunning architectural wonders. Among all the royal establishments here representing pride and glory, Chittorgarh Fort is surely one of the quintessential royal forts. And now, the fort is all set to take its glory ahead by being India’s first fort to remain illuminated all around the year. It seems very exciting, right? Well, it surely is breathtaking, and to know all the info on this glorious beginning, read on!

Chittorgarh Fort To Become India’s First Fort To Light Up Throughout The Year!

Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

The opulent fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it attracts uncountable tourists all the time to witness its grandeur and magnificence. And now, the fort will stay illuminated every night of the year. We can only imagine how splendid the fort will look while lighting up the sky and surroundings. It becomes way more special for everyone as Indians will experience something of this extreme stature for the first time in an Indian fort.

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Why Did The Rajasthan Government Take This Decision?

It is quite understandable that such a historical addition to a fort will surely increase tourist footfall. Visitors are certainly a step ahead to witness the spellbinding lighting. And the reason behind the Rajasthan government taking this decision is also the same. One of the aims of adding a new life to the fort at night is to boost Chittorgarh’s tourism sector. The experience is going to be unimaginable.

To bring the decision to life, Chittorgarh is paying a lump sum amount of ₹8 crores. Also, the Union Ministry of Culture approved the initiative. According to a report by The Times of India, the project will also focus on keeping off monkeys from the fort.

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A very important point to note here is that the door of Chittorgarh Fort will not be open at night. It will be illuminating its opulence all throughout the night but the doors will be closed. Arvind Poswal is the DM of Chittorgarh and he said that there will be a few places from where travellers will be able to experience the magnificence of Chittorgarh Fort.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons