City Mall, Dubai’s Nature-Inspired Mall Gets Its First Store

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 636

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City Mall, Dubai’s nature-inspired shopping mall gets its first store and guess what it is! Yes, it is the region’s favourite supermarket- Carrefour. 

What’s It?

Dubai’s nature-inspired shopping mallCity Mall gets its first store and we can’t be more excited. Carrefour is the first store to open in the new mall and we simply can’t wait to go grocery shopping.

The new hypermarket sprawls across 109,000 sq ft and lets you pick fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and much more, while chilling on Mother Nature’s lap. Isn’t that awesome? The hypermarket also boasts a healthy kitchen aisle, on-the-go food counters and cuisines from across the world.

Credits: CityLand Mall Website

The rest of the mall is not open yet, but when it opens, it will give shoppers an experience like never before. Cityland group, the brain behind the jaw-dropping Miracle Gardens and Butterfly Garden are working on the project, priced at a whooping Dh1.2-billion.

Credits: CityLand Mall Website

Once you enter, you will be treated to a huge fountain in the centre, surrounded by trees. As you breathe in some fresh air, you are thrown into a sprawling huge central area designated solely for landscaping. The areas is spread across 5.7 acres in winter and 4.5 acres in summer and will house blooms from some of the most beautiful plants, varying with the weather conditions. That’s not all! Green patches are distributed all throughout the mall, giving you a shopping experience like never before.

Credits: CityLand Mall Website

The mall also has plenty of seating areas where shoppers can relax in Mother Nature’s lap and munch on knick-knacks from the cafes and coffee shops over looking the garden. The restaurants also have terrace dining options, allowing you to enjoy a hearty meal with an Instagram-worthy view.

What Else?

The nature-inspired mall will open doors for visitors between October and December this year.  The mall will have 350 outlets, including Vox cinemas, and Fabyland. An indoor amusement park, and a themed shopping hall are some of the other features the mall has to offer.

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