Come 2018 And You Can Link Your Aadhar Card To Your Passport For A Seamless Travel Experience

Aadhar card link
by Kritika Kukreja 978

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Passengers flying out of Ahmedabad, Vijayawada and Kolkata can link their Aadhar card to their passports and enjoy seamless travel through these 3 airports. 

What Is It?

As the new law states, from early 2018, passengers flying from Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Vijayawada will be able to link the Aadhar card to pass through seamlessly at the airport. There won’t be any requirement to provide an identity card to the authorities at the airport since the Aadhar card will be linked in the airport database. Hence, the security screening will be done faster and passengers will be able to board the planes quicker.

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Aadhar card link

Link your Aadhar to your passport and travel seamlessly from early 2018

What Do We Know?

This procedure should be easy and it will be practiced from early next year. It is being implemented to eliminate the practice of showing paper IDs and paper tickets. 

How Will This Work?

At the entrance gate, a bar code scanner will be installed which will scan the passenger’s ticket which will allow access to the Aadhar information too. Once these details are entered in the database, the gates will open and the passenger will be able to proceed to the check-in directly.

For passengers who haven’t linked the Aadhar card will have to go through the manual process of identity verification and entering at airports. 

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Aadhar card link

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