Comedian Rahul Dua Reacts To Viral Fruit Chai; Says “Apple In Chai, Doctor Fatafat Ghar Bulaye”

Another day and another bizarre experiment with tea!

by Shreya Ghosh
Comedian Rahul Dua Reacts To Viral Fruit Chai; Says “Apple In Chai, Doctor Fatafat Ghar Bulaye”

Cooking videos and recipe content are only fun till the time the creators do not prepare anything unusual with our favourite food items. Sadly, social media platforms are filled with bizarre videos where people experiment with anything and everything starting from dosa to sweets to Maggi to pizza. One of the latest insufferable creations is fruit chai and comedian Rahul Dua has the most epic reaction to it. Chai lovers are clearly hurt seeing this tea-making video.

Here’s What Rahul Dua Said About The Viral Fruit Chai

Taking to Instagram, the comedian shared his reactions to the viral clips of a vendor preparing chai with lots of fruits.


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Nothing soothes our souls like a good hot cup of tea. It feels like every sip of tea refreshes and rejuvenates us. Tea is so special to chai lovers that we do not even care about the insufferable summer weather while drinking it. In a country where tea is loved the most, this viral video has surely made a lot of people angry. One of them is Rahul Dua. Just like his other humorous videos, he hilariously reacted to viral fruit chai.

The cook makes fruit chai by adding water, tea leaves, sugar, chopped apples, bananas, grapes, and milk to a pan, and then brewing it. Seeing this weird experiment, Rahul funnily reacted saying that people have started to leave their ideas outside before entering the kitchen. Heard the viral song “Mai Gira Hoya Banda Jama Nich Baliye” on reels? The comedian dedicated this song as the background music for this cooking video.

We grew up hearing “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but looks like Rahul has found a different perspective on apples and this famous phrase. He shared how it should be “Apple in chai, doctor fatafat ghar bulaye“. Lastly, he concluded his video by asking people to use fruits for making chaat and not tea.

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Netizens Have The Funniest Responses

Rahul Dua Fruit Chai
Picture credit- Instagram/ Rahul Dua (@therahuldua)

The concept of fruit chai is not really impressing anyone. Instagrammers, especially tea lovers, are not finding it amusing at all. Someone commented, “Frooti❌ Fruit-tea✅.” A hilarious comment read, “Sir ye to tatti hai 💩.”A tea lover wrote “I am a chai lover and fruit chai scares me😢,” and we completely agree with her.

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Would you like to try fruit chai?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Rahul Dua (@therahuldua)

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