Companies Are Accepting Remote Job Applications

by Suchismita Pal
Companies Are Accepting Remote Job Applications

Many of you must have been adjusted to the new normal of working from your home. There are many online applications like slack, hangouts, zoom etc. which have helped us to connect to the outer world and work remotely. This new way of working has been adopted all across the world. And now many remote companies have started accepting job applications. It is a great chance for you to showcase your skills and be a part of these companies. We’ve listed a few of these companies for y’all.

1. Chopra Global (New York) – Graphic Designer

Chopra Global is a healthcare company based in New York. It is now hiring for the post of Graphic Designer. Chopra Global is one of the pioneering marketing company in the US. Work remotely as a graphic designer here at the convenience of your home.

Remote Companies
Picture Credits: Shillington

2. USATestprep (Georgia) -Director of Engineering

Founded in 1988, USATestPrep is a renowned provider of curriculum resources and test preparation materials. Now, they’re hiring for the position of Director of Engineering. If happen to be a hard-core techie, you need to shoot your resume to them without delay.

Remote Companies
Picture Credits: Code Energy

3. Carbyne (New York) – Implementation Support Engineer

Here’s another start-up from New York that’s hiring now and it works on public safety technology. Public safety is of utmost importance these days. And you can contribute to its ‘behind the scenes’ by working with them as an Implementation Support Engineer. Interesting, right?

Remote Companies
Picture Credits: The Guardian

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4. Postscript (San Francisco)- Brand Management

This remote job will give you the opportunity to work with one of the prominent marketing platforms on Shopify. Postscript is a robust and seamless marketing platform for Shopify stores. If you’re a pro at brand management, apply here.

Remote Companies
Picture Credits: Brand Spur

5. Future US (San Francisco) -Production Editor

If you have the right mindset and skills to be the production editor of a multiplatform media company that connects people to their passions, you must apply for this role.  This San Francisco based media company is now looking for someone who can look after the site’s production, operation and growth.

Remote Companies
Picture Credits: Business Insider

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So, visit their LinkedIn profiles right now and apply. Go. grab the opportunity!