Content Creator Opens 5-Star Restaurant On Mumbai Streets For 24 Hours; Netizens Call It “Wholesome”

A content creator opening a restaurant and inviting guests to enjoy good food is the most adorable video on the Internet.

by Shreya Ghosh
Content Creator Opens 5-Star Restaurant On Mumbai Streets For 24 Hours; Netizens Call It “Wholesome”

We grew up hearing people around us teaching the importance of “A little kindness goes a long way”. Our actions and choice of words while interacting with people can either make their day or unfortunately hurt them. Even the smallest yet thoughtful gestures can make hundreds and thousands very happy. This time, a content creator started a restaurant for a day and it was one of the most unique things we came across recently.

Mumbai’s Content Creator Opened A Special 5-Star Restaurant

Taking Instagram, Aryan Kataria (@katariaaryann) shared a heartwarming reel that is winning Netizens’ hearts.


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Aryan Kataria is famous for his unique ideas and quirky videos. Though a major part of his content is all about making hilarious prank videos, he stole everyone’s heart with his new Instagram reel. In this video, the content creator can be seen opening a 5-star restaurant on the streets of Mumbai for only 24 hours and treating people with deliciousness.

From setting up a table and a couple of chairs to decking them up to serving the food, Aryan arranged everything close to a road, without causing any issues for locals walking from there. He invited people of all age groups, starting from kids to elders. The best part of the video was how each one of the guests enjoyed this beautiful surprise and enjoyed relishing the food items served on the table.

The huge smiles on their faces showed how they felt happy and touched by this epic surprise by the creator. One guy even joined the guests to entertain them by mimicking Sanjay Dutt.

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We LOVE This Gesture!

Mumbai Creator Opens Restaurant
Picture credit- Instagram/ Aryan Kataria (@katariaaryann)

Aryan’s sweetest attempt to open a restaurant and serve food to everyone is the best thing we saw on the Internet recently. This reel is the perfect example of how even the smallest act of kindness can be the reason behind so many people’s happiness. Netizens are showering their love and appreciation in the comments.

Famous YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani commented “Best” under the reel. A girl shared how she was present at this special restaurant and the food was great as well. Instagrammers are finding this very wholesome and someone even left a comment, “wholesomekataria naam rakh le page ka”.

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How much did you enjoy watching the video?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Aryan Kataria (@katariaaryann)

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