Copper Cookware: A Guide To Using And Caring For It The Right Way!

by Mallika Khurana
Copper Cookware: A Guide To Using And Caring For It The Right Way!

Have you ever gone cookware shopping? If you have, you know how appealing those copper utensils look. Those shiny metal utensils with a rose-gold-like hue look so captivating, we would all fit them in our kitchen if only they weren’t so pricey. And certainly, their beauty cannot be the only reason we spend so much, buying and taking care of them. Well, if you are looking for new reasons to switch to copper cookware, we have you covered. Here is your guide to using copper cookware and taking care of it.

Level up Your Cooking With Copper Cookware

copper utensils
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This naturally occurring metal has been used for various purposes over the centuries. Ever since medieval times, it has been used to make tools in various parts of the world. Eventually, coppersmiths started making utensils from this metal, and it proved to be one of the best metals for cookware. Owing to its extraordinary conductivity, it heats up instantly and cools down just as quickly once you take it off the heat. For uniform cooking, this metal will be your best friend.

Copper, as a metal, is highly reactive. This fact often stops people from cooking in it. While it may be true, most copper cookware is lined with a sheet of another metal that makes it safe for cooking in. Tin, nickel, or stainless steel is often used to line all copper utensils to make them safe for cooking and eating.

You might think that cooking in copper will give your kitchen a glamorous turn but it will certainly do more than that. Many chefs count on its conductivity to cook delicate dishes and everything is difficult to cook evenly. Sure, cast-iron pans work great for that as well but copper’s effectiveness is about 5 times higher.

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How To Clean The Pans Properly?

copper vessels
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Now that you are convinced about switching to copper cookware, it’s time for some tips and tricks to care for them the right way. This metal is made to last and with some proper cleaning up, you will be using them for years to come.

  1. If they are new, you only need to wash them with soap and rinse them with water as usual. However, be sure to dry it properly as residual water with tarnishing the metal sooner.
  2. If you spot some tarnishing on your pans, fret not. Just scrub a lemon with some salt on it and watch your utensils glow.
  3. You can also count on tomatoes’ acidic properties once in a while. Simply spread some tomato paste on your copper cookware for some time and wash it.

Looks like you are ready to level up your cookware!

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