Coronavirus In UAE: A Guide To The List Of Places Closed In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

by Angel Merchant
Coronavirus In UAE: A Guide To The List Of Places Closed In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

With Corona on the lose, the two liveliest cities in the UAE are shutting down. The Dubai department of tourism (DTCM) has announced an effective halt of all events and parties in the city. Until the end of March, hotels have been notified to suspend all sorts of gatherings such as weddings, parties, nightclubs, etc. If the danger of Covid-19 continues as is, these places could be closed indefinitely.

Many public places are on lock down such as local parks, cinema halls, amusement parks and more. I know what we’re all thinking, if Corona doesn’t get us, the depressing confinement to our homes just might. However, there are still some spots that are open for now. Check out this guide to all the places shut down in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as of the 15th of this month.


1. Cinema Halls

All movie halls will be closed in Dubai until the end of March. Any booking slots for Vox and Reel cinemas are being refunded and returned back. I guess its time to renew our Netflix subscriptions! You can also sign up to some other online streaming services, in order to make the most of the vacation.

2. Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are now being shut down all over Dubai. Dubai parks and resorts is closed to all, till the end of March. Motiongate, Legoland, hollywood parks, and Legoland waterparks will no longer be accessible to the public.

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Following the direction of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and as part of our commitment to the health and safety of our guests and employees we have temporarily suspended operations at our theme parks; MOTIONGATE™️ Dubai, LEGOLAND®️ Dubai, LEGOLAND®️ Water Park and BOLLYWOOD PARKS™️ Dubai until 31 March 2020, or at such time the situation will be re-evaluated. We will continue to monitor these evolving conditions and will follow the most current guidance from the relevant authorities. For guests seeking information about a previously scheduled visit please visit إتباعاً لتوجيهات دائرة السياحة والتسويق التجاري في دبي، وفي إطار حرص الوجهة الترفيهية دبي باركس آند ريزورتس على صحة وسلامة الزوار والموظفين، فأنها تعلن عن إغلاق المنتزهات الترفيهية في MOTIONGATE™️ Dubai و BOLLYWOOD PARKS™️ Dubai و LEGOLAND®️ Dubai و LEGOLAND®️ Water Park بشكل مؤقت حتى نهاية 31 مارس 2020، حتى يتم الانتهاء من تقييم الوضع الراهن. تعتبر سلامة ضيوفنا وموظفينا أولويتنا القصوى حيث سنواصل مراقبة الوضع عن كثب بالتعاون مع السلطات المختصة وإتباع تعليماتهم فيما يخص ذلك. أعزائنا الضيوف والزوار للأجابة على جميع الأستفسارات الخاصة بالزيارات المخططة لها مسبقا يرجى زيارة

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3. Hotel Weddings & Events

Hotels are now being notified to suspend all sorts of gatherings, parties and weddings. So if you’re choosing to get married this month, you might want to postpone the ceremony. Any kind of event, group lunches, parties, or large gatherings, will all be cancelled.

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4. Global Village

Global village has closed down due to the spread of the virus, and will remain closed until the next season. This was the 24th season of Global village, and although it normally remains lively and crowded, the popular tourist spot saw a decline in visitors due to the scare. As of the 15th of March, global village has closed officially.

5. Gyms

Get ready to put on a few extra pounds this month, with all the gyms in Dubai now being closed. You might have to youtube some at home exercises in order to remain fit! Gyms all around the Dubai will be shut down for the remainder of this month. For those who have gym subscriptions, you can try your best to call them up and freeze your subscription until the end of the month.

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The well-being and health of our members and staff is our top priority! With the latest announcement of the Department of Economic Development, our Dubai branches will be closed with immediate effect and your membership has been put on hold free of charge. We are committed to support your fitness journey and we have sent communication to all members with more info and amazing Staying Fit at Home exercise options from Les Mills! We will also be adding great content on our platforms to keep you engaged! We thank all our members, fans and followers for the continued loyalty. Stay tuned for future updates and stay healthy! ‎ —————————————————————————— ‎صحة وعافية جميع أعضاء والعاملين بفيتنس فيرست هي أهم أولوياتنا! وفقاً لقرار دائرة التنمية الاقتصادية في دبي لقد أغلقنا مؤقتاً أنديتنا في دبي، بالإضافة إلى تجميد جميع العضويات مجاناً نحن عاقدون العزم على مساعدتكم على الحفاظ على لياقتكم خلال الفترة، ولذلك أرسلنا رسائل لجميع أعضائنا من ضمنها خيارات عديدة لتدريبات رياضية يمكن ممارستها في المنزل للحفاظ على نمط حياة نشيط خلال الفترة! سنقوم أيضاً بنشر محتوى رائع على جميع صفحاتنا خلال الفترة القادمة! ‎نشكر جميع أعضائنا ومتابعينا لثقتهم المستمرة بنا. ابقوا على اطلاع على صفحاتنا للمزيد من التحديثات وحافظوا على صحتكم!

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6. Spring Camps

All spring camps are shutting down due to the virus spread, and specifically the increased susceptibility of children. There will be no spring camps on, and all activities for children will be closed. Sport centres and sportsplex’s are also all shut down. Check out our page for top 10 activities to do with your children at home.

7. Public Parks

You might have to find another pastime activity with your children because all public parks in Dubai are now closed. The municipality has put a strict warning out to all, to stay away from the parks. Security will be at all gates, making sure nobody enters the parks.

8. Nightclubs

All nightclubs around Dubai will now be closed until further notice. All hotels have been notified, and by law have been told to suspend all sorts of parties and nightclubs.

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Lounges, cafes, malls, restaurants and supermarkets are all still open for now, but we’re not sure for how long. Keep up to date with Curlytales, to receive any new information.

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9. The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifah

The Dubai aquarium, underwater zoo, ice rink, Kidzaina and all other entertainment outlets in The Dubai mall have been shut down. The outdoor lounge and observatory at the Burj Khalifah have also been closed off.

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Nothing is more important to us than the wellbeing of our guests and staff. For that reason and following a mandate from the UAE Department of Economic Development, KidZania Dubai will remain closed until the end of March 2020. For further inquiries, please call us at 800-DUBAI-MALL (800 38224 6255) or e-mail us at We apologise for any inconvenience caused and look forward to welcoming you to KidZania Dubai in the near future. لا شيء يهمنا أكثر من سلامة زوارنا وطاقمنا، لهذا تبعاً لتوجيهات دائرة التنمية الإقتصادية بدبي، نود إعلامكم أنه سيتم إغلاق كيدزانيا دبي حتى نهاية شهر مارس 2020. لاستفساراتكم، الرجاء الاتصال على الرقم (800 38224 6255) أو تواصلوا معنا عن طريق البريد الإلكتروني نعتذر عن أي إزعاج قد تسببه لكم هذه الإجراءات ومتشوقون لاستقبالكم مجدداً في كيدزانيا دبي في القريب العاجل.

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10. Dubai Opera

The Dubai opera is now shut down to all public. All shows have been canceled and postponed till further notice.

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In light of governmental directives and in consultation with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Dubai Opera will be closed until 31 March. We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to sharing a new date for the performances that were scheduled over the next 2 weeks soon, and welcoming you to Dubai Opera in the future. —- All ticket holders for shows happening until the end of March will be refunded. If you have purchased tickets online on Dubai Opera website, they will be refunded automatically. Please allow for a few days for the refund to appear in your accounts. If you have purchased tickets from the Dubai Opera Box Office, you will need to visit the Box Office to receive your refund. If you have purchased tickets from Virgin Megastore Tickets or Platinum List please reach out to their customer service for your refund. For further inquiries, please email us at or call 044408888. اتباعاً لتوجيهات دائرة السياحة والتسويق التجاري في دبي، وفي إطار حرصنا على صحة وسلامة جميع الزوار، سيتم إغلاق #دبي_أوبرا حتى نهاية شهر مارس. نعتذر عن أي إزعاج تسببنا به ونتطلع لمشاركتنا معكم مواعيد عروضنا التي كان من المقرر إجراؤها خلال الأسبوعين المقبلين لنرحب بكم مجدداً في دبي أوبرا. —- بإمكان جميع حاملي تذاكر عروض #دبي_أوبرا خلال فترة الإغلاق استعادة قيمتها كاملة. إن قمتم بشراء تذاكركم عبر موقع دبي أوبرا فسيتم إعادة القيمة المدفوعة لكم تلقائياً بعد بضعة أيام. إن قمتم بشراء تذاكركم من شباك التذاكر في دبي أوبرا، نرجوا منكم زيارة شباك التذاكر لاسترجاع القيمة المدفوعة. إن قمتم بشراء تذاكركم من فيرجن ميجا ستور أو بلاتينيوم ليست نرجوا منكم بالتواصل مع خدمة مكاتب العملاء الخاصة بهم. للمزيد من المعلومات، تفضلوا بزيارة موقعنا الإلكتروني أو تواصلوا معنا على 044408888 نتطلع لاستقبالكم قريبا في دبي أوبرا!

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11. Mosques

All mosques in the entire country have been closed off. All prayers have been suspended for the next 4 weeks as per the general authority of islamic affairs and endowments. The unified call for prayer (azaan) will be called 5 times a day, and at the end of the call, the words, ‘pray at home’ will be repeated twice. The second call for prayer, (the iqamah) will not be voiced in the speakers. All the mosque doors will be locked, along with the ablution and toilet sections.

Abu Dhabi

1. Beaches And Parks

All beaches and parks in Abu Dhabi are closed as of March 15th. The ban involves corniches as well. This is to prevent any kind of large gatherings as a precautionary measure for the Corona virus.

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?? #beachin ??

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2. Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu dhabi is now closed off to all public. Nobody can enter the popular museum of art until further notice. The museum is famous for its unique interiors, and its beautiful display of art.

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In response to the current global health situation, Louvre Abu Dhabi is closed to the public from Sunday 15 March until the end of March. The safety and well-being of our visitors and staff is of paramount importance to us. We continue to assess the situation and look forward to reopening and offering our stories of cultural connections to the world — في إطار الإجراءات الوقائية لمواجهة الوضع الصحي الذي يمر به العالم حالياً، يُغلق متحف اللوفر أبوظبي أبوابه أمام الزوار اعتباراً من يوم الأحد ١٥ مارس وحتى نهاية شهر مارس. فهو يعطي الأولوية لصحة زواره وموظفيه وسلامتهم. ونحن نعمل على تقييم الوضع باستمرار، ونتطلع إلى إعادة فتح أبواب المتحف والترحيب بكم من جديد لنروي لكم لقاء الثقافات

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3. Ferrari World

The swashbuckling adventure park, is now officially shut down due to the potential threat of Covid-19. All the other amusement parks in the emirate are also shut down and closed off to the public.

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The safety and well-being of our guests and colleagues have always been our top priority at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. We have taken the decision to temporarily close Ferrari World Abu Dhabi from Sunday 15th March 2020 until the end of the month. Visit our website link in bio for the latest updates. لطالما كانت سلامة ضيوفنا وموظفينا من أولوياتنا في عالم فيراري أبوظبي. في إطار الإجراءات الإحترازية لمواجهة الوضع الصحي الذي يمر به العالم حالياً، سنغلق أبوابنا اعتباراً من يوم الأحد 15 مارس وحتى نهاية الشهر. للمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى زيارة الموقع الإلكتروني الرابط في البايو.

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4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The entire mosque has been shut off to the public, in order for sterilisation, and disinfection of the entire prayer place. The mosque will be closed until further notice. All tourist and leisure venues are closed off to the public in Abu Dhabi for now.

5. Cinema Halls

All cinema halls are shut down in the emirate. Time for some Netflix! Keep checking out our page for our upcoming articles on the top 10 TV shows to binge watch, on Netflix.

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