Coronavirus Outbreak: Before Lockdown, Himachal Government Banned Entry Of Tourists As Well

by Suchismita Pal
Coronavirus Outbreak: Before Lockdown, Himachal Government Banned Entry Of Tourists As Well

Even before the lockdown, the Himachal Pradesh Government barred the entry of Indian and foreign tourists, under Clause 3 of the Himachal Pradesh Epidemic Disease (COVID-19) Regulation, 2020. The decision had been taken by the authorities after the rapid increase in the coronavirus cases in the neighbouring states. Cops posted at the entry points have been notified as well.

The state is also undertaking widespread information, education and communication (IEC) activities to disseminate the instructions and avoid the unnecessary harassment of tourists. They have been told to reschedule their vacay plans “after the crisis is over”.

Picture Credits: Amar Ujala

Social Distancing Is The Key

Like other states, The Government of Himachal too, is taking all vital measures by shutting down schools and other establishments, advising people to avoid non-essential travel. The state has also banned all social, cultural, religious and political gatherings to facilitate the idea of social distancing.

The HRTC has slashed the Shimla-Tanakpur bus route till Haridwar. The Govt. has also eliminated 31 long-route inter-state buses operating from Manali, Shimla and Dharamshala to Delhi and Chandigarh. Prior to the lockdown. the transport authority had informed that all buses and vehicles will be sanitized before allowing them into the state.

Picture Credits: Mastmusifir

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Triple-Layer Masks

Himachal Pradesh is one of those few Indian states that have not reported any COVID-19 case till date. To ensure no further cases arise, the locals are using specially designed three-layer masks made with non-woven cloth. Each of these masks is priced at ₹12, which is much lesser as compared to the price of the same in other states.

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The restrictions will prevail until further notice. Normal activities will resume only after the overall conditions improve.