5 Costliest Cities In India Where You Have To Earn Lakhs For Comfortable Living

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Costliest Cities In India Where You Have To Earn Lakhs For Comfortable Living

Whoever said that money doesn’t matter is either super-rich or a no-brainer. Comfort and luxury are the topmost priorities of people these days. Juggling between hectic work pressure, personal life, and so many obstacles, a few hours in the home is where people find the most solace. To live a comfortable life, we need money, not just money but a lot of money to fulfill our wishes and all of our materialistic desires. Living lavishly in the metropolitan cities in India can be extravagant. And the only solution to living this extortionate life is earning lakhs every month. Here’s a list of the 5 costliest cities in India where you need to have a heavy bank balance to live in luxury and comfort.

1. Mumbai

The extreme price of houses and flats in Mumbai is nothing new to the entire world. Someone from a tier-2, tier-3 city cannot even imagine living in a rented 1 room-kitchen for ₹20,000 per month. With the rooms, comes a hundred expenses such as the electricity bill, monthly fare for maids, cost of groceries and vegetables, and so much more. With the increase in population and lack of place in the City of dreams, Mumbai is now the costliest city in India, even more, expensive than living in Seattle or Frankfurt.


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2. New Delhi

Right after Mumbai, New Delhi sits second on this list of the costliest cities in India. Living expenses are a mandate everywhere and New Delhi’s expenses are quite similar to Mumbai’s except for the rent of accommodation. Though the rent truly depends on the area you live in and the kind of rooms you choose for yourself or your family. These expenses will soar high in the coming years as the city witnesses an extreme rise in population every year.

3. Chennai

Chennai is quite a surprising addition to this list, but it is what it is. There are so many places in the city where you can live for a certain amount of money, but you won’t get the comfort you wish for. Posh areas such as Boat Club, Besant Nagar, Poes Garden, Nungambakkam, and many more like these cities require a good amount of money to stay lavishly. In addition to these expenses, eating outside, shopping relentlessly and so much more extravaganza is also a part of a well-to-do lifestyle. And this takes away a lot of money every month.

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4. Pune

Pune is yet another city in Maharashtra on this list. You can easily find an average housing in Pune under ₹25,000 for your family. But these flats might not be the ideal ones for you if want a quality lifestyle. For quality and lavish lifestyle, the expenditures are different and it can easily exceed a lakh in a family; excluding the housing cost.


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5. Bengaluru

Thousands of youngsters are settling into Bengaluru every year for studies and jobs. This extreme rise in population is becoming a major concern for the city. The levels of traffic and pollution are not sitting behind too. The housing here somewhere costs around ₹15,000 to ₹25,000. The price of course changes with the size of the rooms, the area of the flat, and so much more. Also, these flats are average ones and will cost way much more if you have a big family or you want to reside in a posh area.

Are you a resident of any of these cities? Or do you have any other cities in mind that are also some of the costliest cities in India? Let us know!