5 Countries You Can book Return Flights Under ₹21,000 From India

by Sanmita A
5 Countries You Can book Return Flights Under ₹21,000 From India

Are you dreaming of flying international? But you did not do the tickets yet because of the high prices? An international trip might look expensive, but we have put together a list that won’t drill a hole in your pocket. We don’t think you would have to comprise to have a worthy international trip. Just stick to the plan, and a bit of research goes a long way. Take a look at this list of countries you can visit comfortably without worrying much about the expenses. Also, did we mention that you can book your flights for under ₹21,000 in these five countries:

So, say Yes to International Travel!

1. Thailand

Thailand is one amongst the popular places among Indians for a honeymoon trip or bachelorettes. But, of course, one of the utmost reasons is the budget; it is a super budget-friendly place. In Thailand, you can spend time on the beach, see the grand Buddha Temples, and visit the market, national parks and palaces.

Return tickets start at ₹18,000 onwards.

2. Nepal

Nepal sits amid the gorgeous Himalayan mountains with beautiful monasteries, temples and scenic places to tour. Nepal also has four UNESCO heritage sites which are a must-visit. So don’t think much and head to this country for a serene and peaceful vacation.

Return tickets range from ₹13,000 onwards.

3. Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its culture and rich diversity, and it will be a great place if you love the art and architecture. In addition, the country is famous for its landscapes, national parks and historic sites. Vietnam will not disappoint you but offer you a wholesome vacation experience.

Tickets range from ₹20,000 onwards.

4. Dubai

Are you surprised to see Dubai on the list? You can visit Dubai if you research and plan your trip well. You can visit the Burj Khalifa here, the tallest building globally. Also, you can travel around the city using public transport, which is affordable.

Tickets range from ₹20,000 onwards.

5. Maldives

Another famous holidaying destination, Maldives, has caught the attention of Indians. The beaches and the water will make your trip worth it. And, if you are looking at your first international trip, you can start in the Maldives beaches and resorts.


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Tickets range from ₹21,000 onwards.

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