COVID-19 Cases Surge In Some Asian Countries; Face Masks & Scanners Return At Airports

Coronavirus positive cases are seeing a rise in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

by Shreya Ghosh
COVID-19 Cases Surge In Some Asian Countries; Face Masks & Scanners Return At Airports

The coronavirus turned the world upside down in 2020 and 2021. We have lived days in a way that we could have never even imagined in our wildest dreams. Gladly, all those scary days are over after all the lockdowns and following protocols and restrictions. But are those days of following pandemic-concerned rules really over or was it just a pause in between? Unfortunately, the positive cases of COVID-19 are seeing a rise in some countries in Southeast Asia and authorities started imposing rules for people.

COVID-19 Cases Are Increasing In These Countries

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The recent few days have been quite critical in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Over the last week and even more, these countries witnessed a noticeable increase in the positive cases of coronavirus. It is never a good indication to see the number of patients getting affected by a virus, something that caused unavoidable turbulence all around the world just a couple of years back.

Without losing any single minute, the concerned authorities and departments of these Southeast Asian nations have already imposed some necessary protocols and restrictions for the citizens and visitors at some specific places. It is now compulsory for nationals and foreign tourists to wear face masks at the airports. The restart of wearing face masks comes at a time when the cases are seeing a rise at quite a fast speed.

Malaysia is one of the countries that noticed a scary jump in positive cases of COVID-19. In about a week, the numbers have increased nearly twice, according to a report by While the second last week of November saw 3,626 positive cases, the next week till December 2 recorded 6,796 cases in Malaysia. An SCMP report recently stated that the increase is currently within the control, stated by the authorities.

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A rise in the spread of coronavirus has been reported in Singapore as well. The country’s Ministry of Health specified a few concerns that are responsible for the increase in positive cases in recent times. One of the reasons is the peak holiday and festive season. So many people are travelling all around, meeting new people, interacting with others, and much more. The last week of November till December 2 saw the cases reporting to 32,035 cases, according to a report by SCMP. And its previous week saw the number crossing 22,000.

Thermal Scanners Come Back At Many Places

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COVID-19 cases grew in Indonesia recently. And in order to keep everything under control, the Union Health Ministry asked people to stop travelling to places facing a similar rise in coronavirus for some time now. Some more protocols that the Union Health Ministry asked the citizens to follow are wearing face masks, washing and sanitising hands frequently, avoiding stepping outside of their houses if sick and unwell, and also taking both doses of vaccination.

And for more severe control actions, Indonesia is also getting thermal scanners at different checkpoints at the border. The concerned officials installed scanners at the Batam ferry terminal as well. For people travelling to and arriving from different places, the international airport in Jakarta also got thermal scanners.

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People, stay safe and take care!

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