Covid 19: Dubai Municipality Announces New Rules For Restaurants

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Covid 19: Dubai Municipality Announces New Rules For Restaurants

The UAE is doing every bit to curb the spread of Coronavirus. From shutting down parks, gyms, spas, and other public attractions, new rules have been put in place with immediate effect. And now, the Dubai Municipality has put out a set of rules for residents who eat at restaurants.

To begin with, customers and employees with flu symptoms will not be allowed to enter Dubai restaurants. According to a notice issued by the Health and Safety Department of the Dubai Municipality, all food establishments must adhere to the new law with immediate effect. Further, there will be regular checks to ensure the rules are followed.

Here are the new restaurant rules you must be aware of if you’re dining out in Dubai:

1. Restaurants should not sell more than 50 meals per order

2. Customers will not be allowed to be in the waiting area to avoid crowd

3. Tables must be placed at least two meters apart

4. Disposable cups and eating utensils must be used for serving food and beverages. However, restaurants that have automated dishwashing facilities can use regular cutlery

5. Tables must be wiped clean and disinfected after every customer leaves

6. Open buffets are closed permanently

7. Restaurants should increase takeaway and home delivery orders (with adequate safety precautions)

What Else?

Meanwhile, a whole lot of places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are shut down, in order to curb the spread of coronavirus. Many public places are on lock down such as local parks, cinema halls, amusement parks and more. I know what we’re all thinking, if Corona doesn’t get us, the depressing confinement to our homes just might. However, there are still some spots that are open for now. Check out this guide to all the places shut down in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.