Crave Beer In The Mountains? Jammu & Kashmir Permits Departmental Stores To Sell Beer

by Sanmita A
Crave Beer In The Mountains? Jammu & Kashmir Permits Departmental Stores To Sell Beer

A glass of beer would sit perfectly in the mountains of Jammu & Kashmir. Recently, the state administration has allowed department stores in urban areas to sell beer. This will be a piece of great news for tourists who visit the mountains for a retreat or for a long vacation. The department stores will be able to sell ready-to-drink beverages in the urban areas as well. Read on to know more about this new change.

Beer In The Mountains Of Jammu & Kashmir

Despite many leaders and organisations speaking against the decision, tourists will surely like the availability of beer in department stores in Jammu & Kashmir. Stores willing to sell beer will have to fulfil certain criteria in terms of annual turnover. In order for departmental stores to be selling beer, they need to have sold at least six categories of items like frozen food items, household goods, sports items and more. The administration has further allowed the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Corporation to sell beer at retail prices.


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Entities Demand Roll Back Of The Rule

After the proposal was accepted and rolled into Union Territory, many leaders and entities expressed their disappointment over the sale of beer in department stores. While some believe it will lead the youth to a mischievous path, others think that the coming of such policies is only going to have a negative effect on the region’s functioning.

Further, certain organisations have protested and conveyed their stand towards the selling of beer in Jammu & Kashmir. According to The Hindustan Times, Former leader of Jammu & Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti stated that the easy access to beer in this famous tourist region might hurt religious sentiments.

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